Yamaha EF3000iSEB Review In 2021

Whenever we hear the word generator, our mind makes an image of a big, bulky, heavy, and noisy machine. But nowadays, the manufacturers are producing light, compact, and easily carry generators that are known as inverter generators. These inverter generators are very convenient and supply a sufficient amount of power to keep the appliances safe from any danger.

The Yamaha EF3000iSEB is a next-level updated inverter generator that will provide power in emergency situations for the home.  Also, it can be carried while going traveling or camping. This one is also suitable for powering medical equipment. The inverter generator can produce more power than its previous versions which made it the best choice for suffering days.

In this review, we will go through all the main features of the Yamaha EF3000iSEB so that one can easily understand why they should purchase it for emergency situations.

Review of Yamaha EF3000iSEB

The Yamaha EF3000iSEB is well known among users because of its efficient power supply. This generator is best suited for sensitive devices as it produces clean energy which ensures the safety of the devices. Almost all the users liked this device and recommended it for those people who need power while traveling, camping, or on power outage days for home. The user panel is very simple and straightforward so that users can easily operate this device. The detailed features description will help one to know more about this inverter generator. So continue reading.

Output power wattage- This Yamaha inverter generator is best suited for home and traveling purposes. The generator has a continuous AC output power of 2800 watts. This amount of power is perfect for powering up household necessary applications. However, the output starting power of this device is 3000 watts.

But the most amusing thing about its output power is that this device can boost the output wattage up to 500 watts for 10 seconds for starting powerful devices. The manufacturer used a built-in power boots technology for emergency situations so that one can effectively power up necessary devices.

Fuel and Run time- The EF3000iSEB from Yamaha features a decent size fuel tank. This tank size is 3.4 gallons. This amount of fuel is sufficient for running the device for a very long time. The generator needs gasoline for operating. Gasoline is very easy to get in the US. One can store gasoline for emergency backup purposes.

As for runtime, this device will surprise your expectations. The device can serve you for up to 19 hours continuously with ΒΌ loads. But if you provide more load, then the runtime will ultimately decrease. The device runs 10 hours with half load.

Engine- This generator is equipped with a 171cc OHV engine. The engine is a 4 stroke air-cooled engine. The 4 stroke engine will produce a high amount of power. Also, because of the 4 stroke engine, the generator will produce less emission. That means this generator is an eco-friendly device.

Noise Level- Because of its powerful engine, the generator produces a very low amount of sound. It also has a built-in technology to reduce the sound. It operates by producing 53 to 60dB. One would not face any complaints from the neighbors and also can concentrate on regular activities.

Portability- This generator is at a whole new level when it comes to portability. The size and the design of this machine are made by considering the portability. It is designed with convenient and robust side handles. One can easily grab these handles and lift the machine for easy carrying. For this characteristic, this device is best suited while going camping or hiking. While traveling off-road, it will be the best choice for powering up the applications of an RV with ease.

Also, this device features 2 small front wheels and 2 large back wheels for easy portability. One can grab a handle and pull the device towards their desired place with ease.

Size and Weight- For easy transportation, the manufacturer made the generator very compact and lightweight. It is 26.8 inches long, 17.5 inches wide, and 21.9 inches high. This dimension is easy to store at home and very easy to carry while traveling. And this compact size inverter generator is weighted 150 pounds.

Control Panel- The control panel is very user-friendly and even non-professional people can use it without any hassle. All the important information will be shown in the panel and the panel is full of buttons for easy maneuvering. There is a convenient power switch which is red in color. There is a big fuel switch under the power switch. The choke switch is situated beside the fuel switch.

Also, there are lots of lights to inform you about the generator’s situation. One of the lights will indicate the amount of fuel. There is an overload indicator light to warn the user about the excess load on the generator and also an AC indicator. All the sockets are labeled so that users can easily find the necessary socket within seconds.

Eco-friendly technology- One of the things that amaze us is the eco-friendly mode. The generator comes with an eco-friendly switch on the control panel. By turning on this switch, one can make the device cost-efficient. This mode helps the device to adjust with the placed load and to provide the necessary amount of power according to the load. Therefore, the generator uses less fuel for generating energy which saves fuel. One does not have to fill the tank often thanks to this feature.

Starting method- The start-up method of this generator is far more effortless and easy according to other generators. This generator has an electric start system. One just needs to simply turn on the power switch situated in the control panel for starting. However, this inverter generator is also equipped with a recoil start system.

But while powering up the generator one must be very cautious. One must check the fuel and ensure that the generator has a decent amount of fuel. Then must ensure there is no load on the device. And also make sure the economy switch is turned off to avoid any damage.


Output Starting Wattage3000
Output Running Wattage2800
Tank Size3.4 gallons
Noise Level53 to 60dB
Engine size171CC OHV
Warranty3 Years
Weight150 pounds
Dimensions (L x W x H)26.8” x 17.5” x 21.9”
  • This top-notch generator is perfect for both home and outdoor use.
  • Features a very low amount of sound.
  • Economy mode ensures less use of fuel to save fuel consumption and fuel cost.
  • Size handles design and the wheels made it highly portable.
  • Electric starting mode made this very easy to use.
  • The auto shut-off feature keeps it safe.
  • The powerful engine creates less gas emission.
  • This inverter generator is very well engineered and does not have any manufacturing and operating issues.
Yamaha EF3000iSEB

How to choose the best inverter generator

Because of the high competition among the manufacturers for producing innovative inverter generators new generators are emerging on the market regularly. Therefore, while buying an inverter generator will face a lot of difficulties that which one to choose and what to consider to choose the best one. Here are some basic things that one must check to ensure the inverter generator is worth the money.

Output power- It is the first and topmost consideration while choosing an inverter generator. Basically, inverter generators produce less power than regular generators. So before choosing one must match the output power with their needing amount. Calculate all the appliance running wattages that you want to power up and then look for the exact power-producing inverter generator. If the device is not able to produce the exact amount of power you need, then in one word the device is useless.

Noise level- Checking the noise level is very important. The regular generators create a huge amount of sound which is very bothering for humans. It is also frustrating for the neighbors. However, the inverter generators create a decent amount of sound which is not bothersome. These generators have a throttle down system which reduces the amount of sound to a mere human conversation.

Easy Portable- All inverter generators are portable. But one thing that the buyers must look for is easy portability. Some generators come with a portable handle design and some come with two. There are some generators that look alike a briefcase. Transporting these types of generators is way convenient as one can carry these types with a single hand. However, there are some inverter generators that feature wheels with handles. One just needs to pull the device with the help of the handle for transportation purposes.

Eco mode- Most inverter generators feature a mode that saves fuel. This mode makes the generator produce power according to the load for efficiency. It is known as an economic mode or simply eco mode. It is a very handy feature. One does not have to refuel the tank very often and can save a lot of money from fuel costs.

Cost- Inverter generators are not so affordable. Though these generators produce less power they have a lot of features that increase their price. However, more power-producing generators will cost more. Therefore, one should always go for a generator that features a decent warranty time.

Who is the Yamaha EF3000iSEB for

The Yamaha EF3000iSEB is for those people who want to power up basic household devices at a power outage. This device is also recommended for those persons who go camping, hiking, etc.

The amount of output power, runtime, noise level, and engine made it perfect for everyday use.

What can a 3000 watt inverter generator run

With a 3000 watt inverter generator, one can run a wide range of applications. One can run a refrigerator, an AC, power tools, computer, microwave, water heater, and many more.

The power level is enough for RV vans for powering up accessories while off-road traveling, camping, etc.

Final Words

Whether you are looking for an inverter generator for a power outage backup or using it while traveling, the Yamaha EF3000iSEB is best. This generator is highly portable and cost-efficient. The user panel is very user-friendly. And the high-quality engine does not produce emission and loud noise. To know more read the features described above and read the best inverter buying guide for spending your money on a quality inverter.

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