Yamaha EF2400iSHC Inverter Generator Review For 2021

The brand Yamaha not only produces high-quality motorcycles but also produces a wide range of higher-end inverter generators. This brand uses its industry-leading engine technology with innovative features for constructing generators. All of their generators provide clean power, which is suitable for very sensitive devices.

One of their highly recommended inverter generators is the Yamaha EF2400iSHC. This generator is best suited for homes and RVs. The generator is constructed with a compact size, and it contains metal sleeves underneath to ensure long durability. This generator is available in 3 different models. However, this one outcasts all of the others.

Here, we will provide a broad Yamaha EF2400iSHC review to help all of those people out there who are looking for an efficient and effective generator.

Features Description of Yamaha EF2400iSHC Inverter Generator

The Yamaha EF2400iSHC is one of the lightest generators produces by Yamaha. This generator is superb when it comes to portability. It also has all the latest features that one needs to keep the appliance safe. The generator is very safe, reliable, and durable. Also, this inverter generator is designed with a decent and elegant color which will attract buyers towards it. The generator produces a higher amount of current, which is perfect for regular DIY works, camping, hiking, or power outage.

Let us dig deep into the features of this Yamaha inverter generator to know better.

Power- The output starting power of the Yamaha EF2400iSHC is 2400 watts and its running power is 2000 watts. This amount of power is sufficient to run several household devices. With the help of this power, one can power up a refrigerator, AC, TV, computer, etc. Also, this amount of power is enough for powering a lot of RV devices like a microwave, mini-fridge, a TV, air conditioner, etc. This inverter generator is suitable for most of the 13,500 BTU RVs. Though this device is not enough to power up a big house it is best for powering small devices and also for using outdoor purposes.

Engine Type- For making this a higher-end inverter generator, the manufacturer used a top-notch Yamaha engine. For this EF2400iSHC the manufacturer used a 171cc overhead valve (OHV) 4 stroke engine. Because of its exceptional power, it produces less emission which reduces air pollution. It is an air-cooled engine, therefore, one does not have to worry about how to cool it down after use. The generator engine use Pulse width modulation for generating clean electricity to ensure the sensitive electric devices are safe from any damage. The generator has a 120-volt circuit with 16.7 amps.

Control Panel- This EF2400iSHC is designed with an easy control panel, which is very straightforward. One will be able to operate this device effortlessly without any hassle. There is a pull rope situated on the left side of the control panel. The fuel choke is situated above the pull rope. To the right side, there is a red power button. And there are 3 lights to inform about the situation. These lights are, low oil light which will indicate refueling, an AC power light, and an overload light to warn if the appliance is drawing more power from the generator. Beneath these lights, one will find all the receptacles and the breaks for producing power to their device. One would not have to face many difficulties as all the essentials are labeled in the control panel.

Fuel and Runtime- To operate this generator, one needs gasoline. Gasoline is an easily available fuel in America. And it is also very cheap. This generator has a fuel tank of 1.6 gallons. The tank size is relatively bigger than other inverter generators of this power level. The generator uses the fuel very efficiently and effectively to save fuel costs.

The runtime of this generator is very amusing. With 25 percent of the load, this generator can produce power for up to 9 hours or more. And with half of its actual load, it can support devices for more than 6 hours. There is a technology that took fuel efficiency to the next level. The inverter generator contains an auto throttle system which enables the ability of the generator to adjust the engine speed. And by adjusting the speed, the generator only produces the exact amount of power that is needed for the appliance and reduces extra power generation to save fuel.

Noise level- It can be said that it is a very quiet generator. The manufacturer used an innovative high-quality body to reduce the noise level. Two people can talk with each other without any hearing issues besides this generator. The noise level of this generator is 54 dB to 61 dB. One will be able to sleep or do everyday tasks without any hassle when the generator is running.

Dimension and Weight- The Yamaha ED2400iSHC is a very small size generator. It is about the same size as a briefcase. The size of this generator is 20.7 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and 18.1 inches in height. While not in use, one can store this generator very easily in a small place as it would not consume a huge amount of space.

The weight of this generator is only 75 lbs. The body and the parts are made of very light materials. Though the materials are very light they are very durable.

Portability- This generator is one of the highly portable generators. The size and the weight of this generator made it like a breeze for transformation. There are two convenient handles on the sides. These are very solid. One can easily move this generator with two hands without any help from others. Because of its easy portability, it is the best choice for outdoor activities.

Cost and warranty- The Yamaha EF2400iSHC is not very affordable. It cost more than 1000$. However, it is the cheap one comparing to the other brands with this exact power level. And your expense will be secured with a 3 years warranty from the purchase date. Within these 3 years, if anything happens to the generator, then the dealer will replace or repair the damaged parts without any extra cost.


AC Output Starting Wattage2400
AC Output Running Wattage2000
Fuel TypeGasoline
Tank Size1.6 gallons
Noise54 dB to 61 dB
Engine size171cc 4 stroke air cooled
Warranty3 Years
Weight75 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H)20.7” x 16.5” x 18”
Can run up to 9 hours with 25% load and 6 hours with 50% load.  

It is able to run most 13000 BTU RVs appliances.  

Recoil rope easy starting system.  

Constructed with a noise-reducing system for peace.  

Auto throttle technology adjusts the engine speed for fuel-efficiency.  

A low oil shut-off system protects the engine.

  Suitable and safe for powering sensitive devices.
A bit pricey than other inverter generators and does not feature an electric starting system.

Things to consider before buying an inverter generator

Inverter generators are very expensive. Therefore, it is obvious to ensure the generator you are purchasing is top quality and has the exact amount of power you need. The below advice will help a person in buying the best inverter generator with ease.

Power- Always consider the power level of the generator. A generator is considered to be useless if it is unable to provide the necessary amount of power. The generator should have the ability to produce enough amount power that you need for powering up your valuables.

Start system and control panel- There are two types of starting systems. One is a recoil start system and the other one is an electric start. Among these two, the electric start is efficient and effortless. One just needs to turn the power button in on position for starting. On the other hand, the recoil system requires pulling a cord for starting.

Also, the generator should feature an easy and straightforward control panel so that one can easily understand how to operate it.

Efficiency- Make sure the generator has a throttle adjustable system. Some generator features auto throttle system which does not require turning on any button. This system automatically adjusts the speed of the engine for producing the required amount of power to save fuel costs. Also, make sure the runtime of the generator is higher so that one does not have to refuel the generator often.

Portable- Inverter generators are portable. These generators feature a convenient handle with or without wheels. For portability, one should choose light-weighted generators because these are very easy to carry and one can easily take them from place to place.

Noise level- The inverter generator should produce a very low amount of noise to keep the area calm. The noise level should be within 50 dB to 65 or 70dB. Generators that produce noise above 70dB are very annoying and neighbors will be very disappointed in you. Look for those generators that come with noise-reducing technology for keeping the peace.

Who is the Yamaha EF2400iSHC suitable for

The Yamaha EF2400iSHC is recommended for traveling enthusiasts people. This inverter generator is able to power up a lot of RV applications like fridge, AC, microwave, TV, and small devices.

However, it is also suitable for powering up limited household appliances so that one can use this for emergency backup purposes. It is very easy to carry. It has a straightforward control panel. It is able to save fuel. What does a person need more than these from an inverter generator?

Are Yamaha inverter generators any good

Yes, the Yamaha inverter generators are very reliable. These generators can produce the necessary amount of clean electricity for powering sensitive devices. This brand’s inverter generators are very quiet.

These generators have innovative technologies to reduce fuel uses for cost efficiency. Also, the generators of the Yamaha brand are highly portable. One can get any of the Yamaha inverter generators for home or outdoor use purposes.

Final Words

This article is for those traveling enthusiasts people who need power backup which camping or doing any outdoor activities. This Yamaha EF2400iSHC review will help them to know why this inverter generator is best suited for them. Also, those people who are looking for a convenient power source to power up their sensitive and small home appliances can get this.

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