Why is My Generator Not Producing Power?

Are you bothered why your generator is not working and failed to produce power? It is very frustrating when you find out that the generator does not create the power. A generator is a device that can turn mechanical energy into electrical energy for external use in our daily life. Generators are using for the industries, business, defense, science and technology, agriculture as well as in our daily activities. In addition, there are different kinds of the generator from size small to a gigantic generator.

In this article, people will know why a generator does not produce power despite having a good condition of the engine? There could be many reasons behind generators for not produce electricity. More essentially, one should need to know how to fix a generator when things like this happened.  Having a fixed generator when it’s not producing power, is not that tough job to do. So one can fixes with them by themselves or else one can find a technician or a mechanic. 

How Does a Generator Work

Do you know how a generator works? A generator works through its processing electrical conductors in a magnetic field. There will be no power or electricity if there is no magnet in the generator. A magnet can help to produce power.  With operating with a simple coil (electrical Conductor), the generator produces electricity and power turns out the magnetism into AC.

At the moment, the generator’s construction does not include magnets. In this way, the output from the voltage makes a short-term magnet outside of the coil.

A few voltages transform from the output and then modify the magnet into DC. Then the DC supply to the coil and convert it and directed toward an electromagnet.  After that, a coil starts rotating fast and produces the AC.

How to Start My Generator

Step-1.At first, the most important isto move the generator outside to provide proper ventilation of the carbon monoxide remove from the engine. This remover can be extremely dangerous. Theyjust placedthe generatoraway from windows and doors.

Step-2.Have to check the fuel level. If People think that the gasoline in the generator is more than seven months old that the fuel needs to be removed from the tank. They can remove this by draining the fuel out with the draining line on the bottom of the fuel tank. When They are finished using the generator and run it until all the fuel is gone.

Step-3.Have to add a fuel stabilizer to top the fuel remaining in the tank. After filling with fuel. They have to make sure that put the fuel cover back on the generator.

Step-4.People have checked the fuel level remove the fuel fill plug by unscrewing it. They should be touching the fuel when placing their fingers inside the fuel fill hole.if their generator stops in or will not start always check the fuel level first, after checking the fuel level to make sure we screw the fuel fill plug back on.

Step-5.Turn the fuel level on ensuring that the fuel valve is correctly positioned in position vertically.

Step-6.Connect all thing that is needed.

Step-7.Finally, they can press the switch to start the generator.

Why is My Generator Not Producing Power

Most of the time a generator does not get strong electricity because of the loss of residual magnetism. Basically, a generator is running by shifting electrical conductors between a magnetic field. The generator has not magnets.  Taking some of the generator output voltage and converting it to DC can make a magnetic field.To producing a mini amount of electricity is enough the little bit of magnetism.Have to create an even stronger electromagnet by using a little amount of electricity.The generator produces more power when the engine revolver this magnet moving its electric sector through the stator windings. The generator will not produce power at starting time if the residual magnetism is lost. Sometimes it can be lost naturally the residual magnetism from more pressure or not being used.Without a no-load, too long a time useda generator can cause this type of problem.

Why Does Our Generator Run But No Power

 If people see that our generator engine is running but there is no producing any power low output. Then firstly have to check the circuit breaker.  It also can be occurred for using multiple heavy load devices at the same time or occurs for a short within the circuit.They have to check the mainline. If they see that many heavy load devices are connected to the main electric line, then have to remove or disconnect that. After disconnect those heavy devices, it easily produces power on the generator. To follow this they can fix our problem.   When people do all these things but their generator does not produce any power.They can check it by the technician. Sometimes it happened for some internal major problem.

Why is My Generator Not Producing Power

What Causes a Generator to Lose Voltage

It happens for some reason. Let’s discuss about it.

STEP-1.Sometimes the capacity is exceeding that is the load applied to a generator.  It can slow a machine also can cause a drop in frequency and voltage.

STEP-2.To know load being applied can low respond by the AVR voltage gain set.

STEP-3.  From the generator bus,Vt and Voltage dip are away from the AVR feedback.  From the generator bus, Vt and Voltage dip are away from the AVR feedback. it can be lost all the execution and can be Undervoltage and overcurrent trip.

STEP-4.The speed control is less set to low response to the load being applied.

STEP-5.Sometimes it happens for mechanical issues as the turbo is weak and fails to provide enough air and the machine is slow down. It cannot be running properly. 

STEP-6. Sometimes it can be another reason to load fully.

There are many reasons to lose voltage without it.

How do we know if our Generator is bad

 If we see that our generators are not running then we have to understand the problem to see some reason:

  • To see visible damage

People can understand the normal problem to see the damage. Sometimes any damaged part can cause a problem. So, we have to check very well to find any damaged part. In this way,they can know or understand the primary problem. Have to use a generator very carefully.

  • By experiencing start-up delays.

If people see that their generator is not run or works perfectly, theyhave to understand there is some problem in the internal part. If they can be found or fix the internal problem .it will be good for us.

  • Our power is inconsistent.

If people see that our generator is turn on and off when it feels like.It is not a good habit for our generator. It is a power produce problem. They have to fix it as early as possible. Otherwise, it will be a reason for a big problem.

  • The generator is running, but it’s not putting out any electricity.

when it happens,they have to check their generator with a good electrician.

It could be a problem withtheir generator or circuit breaker. It is one kind of big problem for a generator.they have to fix it with an electrician.

  • Notice a strange smell or noise.

If people hear any unnecessary sound or get any smell, then they have to check the generator. Sometimes it is for gas leaks.  It will be check with a technician.

  • Haven’t started the generator in more than 6 months

If they have not started the generator for more than 6 months, then the generator will not be started as regular. It has to be repaired for use. When theydo not use a machine for a long time, without repair we cannot work with it.  It can be a problem with the parts of the generator. Have to start within a couple of weeks.

What is the common problem of generators?

everybody knows that a generator has many common problems.

  1. Neglected maintenance: Everybody knows that the common problem of generators is maintenance neglect.  If peopledo not take care of an engine then it will not give good service. They have to build up a plan for to maintenance of an engine and have to check them regularlycooling system, Fuel system,  engine starting system. They also check the water separator system. If people maintain the major parts of a generator. theywill not suffer in working time.
  2. Improper sizing and load:It is another common problem for generators. It happens regularly with the industrial generator. Sometimes in the industries peoples run their generator too light of a load. As a result, the generator has serious damage.  People  Must be omitted this type of habit. It is not good for a generator.
  3. Fuel supply: It is a very common problem that people do no supply enough fuel when the generator is running. As a result, the generator is shut down for the lack of fuel. When the fuel is finished, the generator cannot find anything to burn for power and it will be shut down.This has a very bad effect on the generator

How do you test the power output of a generator?

  1.   When we first start the generator, then have to turn on the voltmeter.
  2. We have to ensure that the voltmeter is set to the “AC voltage” When the generator is running.
  3. After the set has to ground our meter when using the black lead. This is necessary to connect the meter with the generator frame.
  4. When connect finding an alligator meter and it is important to connect with the engine frame.
  5. We have to connect the red lead to the output lug.
  6. To attach the red lead to the place where we like plugin tools.
  7. At last, the displayed voltage must be read

We can follow all the processes to test the power output of a generator.

How can people get more power from my generator?

people can get more power to follow one thing that has to increase power sources. When they will increase electric power source, get more power from our generator.  After that, they increase the horsepower of the engine. Power must be balanced. otherwise, it will be damaged in my generator. If they change all of this, then will get more power to produce many fields. It will be great full for the user. So, to follow this system people can get power from my generator.

Why Does My Generator Run But Failed to Produce Power

There are many reasons behind not producing power. But the most common fact is the power loss of the generator because of the insufficiency of residual magnetism.

It can happen if you are not using the generator for a while. Moreover,it can also happen if you are using it for a long time. So make sure you use the generator once or twice a week.

How to fix

1. To fix the residual magnetism, you need a voltage regulator to attach to the generator.

2. Detach the two wires connected to the generator brushes.

3. Then you will see one is being red and another one is white or black.

4. pull out the white or black one and attach it to the battery terminal of the generator.

5. Plug in the light. 

6. Switch on and start the generator

7. Take the red wire and connect it to the generator terminals.

8. Wait for some seconds, take off the wires and keep it as it is and you are done with it.

Find flaws in the AC Exciter

The failure of Ac exciter can be the reason for not producing power. As a result, there will be no voltage. In that case, one should call a technician.

Error in circuit wiring

You should check the automatic voltage regulator frequently. As a result, the AVR will produce generator power soon. It will make sure the remanence will be in the inverter generator. In that case, you can look into the AVR and the wires. However, if you find any difficulties let correct them.

Obstructions in circuits

Another reason could be the unsecured wires and frequent interruptions. So oneneeds to check the wires regularly.

Check the circuit to ensure the machine is not blocked by anything. If it is blocked, then try to clean it.

Interruption in force

Sometimes the supplied coil cannot generate a magnetic force due to the interruptions. As a result, one needs to fix the open circuit which is in the rotary rectifier. Hence,if there is any loose wire or broken point, fix it as soon as possible and connect it tightly.

What causes a generator to lose voltage

There are some reasons a generator loses its voltage. Some common reasons are:

1. If the load exceeds the generator capacity, the machine will stop working.

2. AVR stopped to respond for taking too much load for a long time. As a result, the generator starts slowly loses the voltage.

3.Speed loses its control because of load.

4. On the other hand, Turbo cannot produce enough air while taking the load. It causes the machine’s slow progression.

5.  There are other reasons for losing voltage due to fuel filters clogged and fuel injection clogged. It can be the reason why the machine gets slow down.

How do I service my generator

If you want a trouble-free generator, you need to take care of it and it does require solid maintenance. By taking proper maintenance, one can ensure the durability of the generator.  Here are some regular generator taking care routines one can follow:

1. Check up the fuel levels regularly as well as the coolant.

2. Check all the parts.

3. Clean the battery regularly if needed.

4. If there is rust do lubricant the parts.

6. Check the cooling system.

7. Do inspect the fuel filter and the air.

What is the difference between a generator and a gasless generator

There are some differences between a generator and a gasless generator. Here are some differences one needs to know.

Gasless GeneratorGenerator
Substantially more expensive than a Gas generator

Used to be quite loud, noisy, and not clean.

it runs by power.

It does not produce a strong odor.

Suitable for everywhere.

No need to store it.

It has a stable power source.

Uses for hospitals, offices, universities, etc.

User friendly.

Eco friendly.

Noise-free. .  
Used too expensive to buy.

Cleaner and quieter.

Runs by power.

Runs on natural gasand diesel.   

Does produce a strong odor.

Does produce a strong odor.

Effective for preventing cost.

Suitable for large cities.

As it supplied through pipeline there is always a chance an accident.

These are improved a huge from older versions.

It depends on only diesel and electricity.

A diesel engine does not require wires.

Safer to use.

High ranked.

Usually, diesel generators are not portable.

Not that user-friendly.

It creates extreme air pollution.
Non-renewable fuel supply.

Final Words

We will suggest you take regular care of your generator so that it lasts long.  A generator is a device that is meant to be used for too long. If you take proper maintenance it will ensure durability. Do not get panic if the generator is not working. Probably there will be a solution.

Thereafter, if you cannot find a solution you can call for a technician to solve the problems. We hope that you find this article very useful and this information regarding generators will save your money from getting wasted.

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