What size generator do I need to run a refrigerator?

You may not love to have a glass of water at minimum temperature instead of ice water in summers. Do you? Whenever the refrigerator shuts down for a long time, there is no way of having a chilled beverage or fresh fruits. As a matter of fact, they will likely not get preferred by anyone either to drink or eat. What can be better than having a generator for the refrigerator all the time? The answer is nothing. For providing some great knowledge and ideas, today this topic is about what size generator do I need to run a refrigerator.

Generator for refrigerator

If someone gets asked, what is the most important electronic home appliance? The majority of the people will reply about Refrigerator. In terms of its safety and usage, most people stay confused about either a generator can be used for the refrigerator or not.

The correct answer depends on some factors. But in practice, they can be used in the refrigerator.

As generators are found in some different types and variants, not all of them can be applied for the refrigerator as they are higher in performance and service. But still, there are some of the types that will be suitable for use with the refrigerator.

 Sizing of the refrigerator for using

First of all, the main and essential thing to observe about the generator is its size. Measuring the power that a refrigerator contains is very important. Some may think that it is a critical task to perform. But the fact is, the power rate can be measured very easily as all the refrigerators contain a sticker under the door where all the terms and factors have been added. Generally, a refrigerator requires a minimum of 800watts to run by the generator. Whenever the refrigerator gets started, the compressor requires extra power to perform with the machine all the time.

If the refrigerator gets used only with 800 watts or more, there is no necessity of providing high powered generator. But the fact is, no refrigerator can be used or run without using the compressor.

As the compressor gets used for delivering cold temperature into the refrigerator, it can’t be denied at any cost. So measuring the compressor, the total power that a refrigerator delivers is more than 1500watt.

Judging the pattern and type of the refrigerator

As the required power has been given, it is easy for a generator to produce enough power as the requirement. But it is now time to choose the type of generator. Usually, a generator is available in three different types. It can be a fuel system generator, or solar power system, or else battery system.

All the types of generators are enough efficient and functional for use. But the main fact is, which one will be suitable for the refrigerator is dependent on use.

As all of them can produce enough power for the refrigerator, they can’t be chosen for the refrigerator without considering some factors.

Usually, a refrigerator gets used inside of the house within a minimum area. Though it requires a good amount of power supply, it can easily suit a inverter generator that runs through batteries.

Battery generators are built with the benefit of using in indoor areas. They get charged up by the electrical source or solar power that requires no additional processes. Thinking about durability, a battery generator doesn’t require any mechanical process or battery replacement for some years if they get maintained properly.

The installation process of the battery generator

So know the perfect size and variant of generator has chosen for the refrigerator. It is time for installing the generator.

Before starting the installation process, make sure to follow some terms that are important.

  • Keep the other electrical lines switched off along with the refrigerator
  • Make sure to perform the installation process in dry hand and dry sandals on feet
  • Check every line properly if there is any leakage or defect in them.

As all the terms have been followed properly, let’s head to the installing process:

  • First of all, keep the battery generator in a proper and secure area where it will stay fixed
  • As the refrigerator is plugged out, make sure to check again before the attachment
  • For the generator, connect all the essential lines with the refrigerator by using high quality cords and observe safety
  • When the cords are ready with connection, attach the main line of the generator with the refrigerator and check the lines if they have been connected properly or not
  • Now the main installation process is finished and require the refrigerator to turn on
  • While turning the refrigerator on, there will a sign or light from the generator. And if it is not, there maybe some problems in the line for attaching.
  • As all the things are done now and the generator is also looking functional, it means the installation process has been done perfectly.

Testing the generator after installing

No matter how many times the generator delivers activating status, without testing them, the procedure is not ended yet. There is a very simple way to follow for testing the generator.

Just shut down the main switch from the electric board so that the refrigerator runs through the generator. Use a temperature meter and keep it inside the refrigerator for about a minute. If the meter shows the exact temperature from the inside of the refrigerator, it means the generator is working properly.

What size generator do I need to run a refrigerator

Some tips to follow for maintaining the generator

Although the generator for the refrigerator comes in the total generator segment, they require more maintenance rather than the other ones. Otherwise, they can be the reason for having great occurrences. N that case, some tips can be followed and observed to ensure the durability of the generator. And here they are:

Avoiding a long time using: No machine will stay with their proper performing ability if they don’t get treated properly. While using the generators, it can be kept turned off for some time so that the functional parts can have a break. This simple step can surely increase the performance of the generator.

Avoid critical weather conditions: Having damages to the generator in thunderstorms or rainy areas is a common fact. In order to keep the generator active and unharmed, it will be a better decision to keep the generator shut down and plugged out until the storm doesn’t get finished.

Applying quality cords: While installing, please be sure that you’re using high quality electric cords. As there is no surety of electricity issues, high voltage problems are a common thing that can be ignored. if the cords don’t have the capability of absorbing voltage issues, they can either burn or lose efficiency. To avoid this situation, always try to apply quality and certified cords.

All of these related terms have been discussed and it has taken to a stage that indicates the proper generate to use in the refrigerator. What size generator do I need to run a refrigerator supply describe that, a generator with a minimum power output of 200 watts is enough to use for the refrigerator. No matter how the size is, it can easily run the whole refrigerator with an easy effort. On the other hand, if it is about the type, battery generators are the perfect one to use for sure.

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