Predator Generator Review In 2021

Predator generator is one of the well-designed generators in the market. Harbor Freight Tools are the manufacturer of these generators. The company is USA-based and established in 1977. Over the decades they have improved a lot on their products. So one can trust them with the predator generator.

Offering a wide range of power the generator will be a good option for a long-time power outage. The first thing that will attract the user is its unique design. Having a look one will know the design of the generator is different from the regular generator. Rather than this, it offers so many details. Below, we will discuss in detail the generator for a better overview for the buyers.

Predator Generator Review

The predator 3500 watts model of the brand is the best generator one can buy from the market. Featuring so many usefulness and unique design the generator will be a good option. Packed with good features and the decent amount of power the generator produce is good for every type of use. Offering versatility one can use the generator at home, office, school, shop, and anywhere they want. A single generator will power up almost all the home appliances including bulb, micro oven, cooler, refrigerator, and so on. This is an inverter generator that means using this generator will be very easy.

Featuring an LCD monitor makes the generator easier to use. We have mentioned that the generator featured a unique design compared to the regular generator. It has a digital LCD screen. The LCD screen features light indicators of low oil, overload, and output. That means while in use if the fuel gets low, the light of low oil will indicate or alert the user of low oil. As the low oil level, overload of fuel is also harmful to the generator. If the generator overload with oil or fuel it will not start properly. Also, an overload and low fuel can cause serious damage to the generator. Keeping track of those think without any indicator is hard. The predator way too easier involving the digital LCD. Additionally, the generator also hasthe feature of protection against severalelectronics.

Using more than the capacity is not good for the generator. If we explain, the generator has the power to take the load of 10 bulbs and the user is trying to run 13 bulbs. That will cause serious damage to the generator. Even this kind of activity can cause a serious accident if the generator is not of good quality. Luckily, this generator has protection against this activity and it will alert the consumer if anything goes wrong.

This inverter generator has an OHV gas generator which is of the best quality. The engine is efficient reliable. Also, offering a extreme durability the generator will last for a long time.This impressive generator will provide 3500 watts of power an air cooler of 212cc. this will provide enough power which will satisfy the daily needs of a user in an emergency. As with the regular generator, this generator does not require daily fuel replacement. That’s why the generator is the best option in a sudden power outage because of a natural disaster or something else.

With a 120V AC outlet, 120V AC twist-lock outlet, and a 12V DC 2 pin outlet, it will give anything one will require. With a 2.5-gallon fuel tank, the generator will run for 11 hours smoothly in 25% load. The time is pretty much. All the home appliances including the refrigerator, computer, and every light and heavy device will run by power. One does not have to think of the safety of their appliances. The inverter generator produced extremely safe electricity. The electricity will not harm or damage the electric appliances. Offering a great amount of voltage, the appliances will not be affected by low or high voltage problems.

Another impressive feature of the generator is its super quiet feature. The generator will be operating producing no sound at all. The 3500-watt generator will produce around 56 dB noise which is okay as for the size and power of the generator. The noise is bearable and using the generator at night will not harm the peace of the people of the house and the neighbor. People can sleep in relax even if there is no power outage and they are using a generator. This generator in the night is like a regular generator.

The regular generator creates so much noise that one can get a headache or something worse because of the noise. People around the house also get affected as well as other species of nature. But not this inverter generator. Producing so much power the generator will be in silences. It will not harm the people by its noise and will not pollute the sound. Talking about pollution, the generator will not pollute any part of the environment. Because the generator does not produce any waste of chemicals. That means no pollution.

All the inverter generator is portable so does this one. But the size and weight of the inverter generator are higher compare to the same capacity generator of some other brand. This generator weighs 110 pounds. Which is extensive. One cannot carry the generator without any type of equipment. However, the manufacturer included an instrument to carry the generator safely and hassle-free. They have featured an integrated smooth-rolling coaster to carry the generator anywhere the consumer want.

The size of the generator is large but not that large. The generator will perfectly fit in the banker of the car or even inside the car. So technically the generator is portable. One can go campaign with the generator easily. In addition to all the good features, the generator has a self-cooling system. Getting hot is normal while producing that much power. If a device gets hot, it will be damaged. But this generator has an air cooling system. That means if the temperature increased, it will cool itself. Let’s have a look at the specification, pros, and cons of the impressive predator generator.


ColorRed and Black
Wattage3500 watts
Dimensions22.75 x 17.3 x 20 inches
Weight110 Pounds
EngineOHV gas engine
Engine Displacement212 Cubic Centimeters
Fuel tank2.5 gallon
Run time11 hours on 25%

Pros and Cons

The generator will give enough power to run a household.
A digital LCD is added to monitor the activity of the generator.
The generator will tell if the oil is low or overloaded.  

Producing safe energy will not harm home appliances.  

It comes with all the necessary cables and equipment to set it for work instantly.  
It’s an inverter generator of almost no sound.
The generator has protection against the overload of appliances.
Anintegrated smooth roller coaster is added with the generator to make it portable.  

Featuring a unique design, it will attract anyone.

The generator will not harm the environment in anyway.

The start of the running watts is not that high.   Some of the people may find the weight a little bit annoying.

What should one consider before buying a predator generator

Involving less but good options choosing a predator generator may seem easy. We would say yes it is easy to choose a generator from the predator. However, choose the right one will be tough if someone doesn’t know how to match their situation with the features of the generator. Let us explain what is feature will affect the choice of the buyer.

Wattage: This is the most crucial part while choosing a predator generator. To decide how much wattage one will need, first decide how many devices one will run with the generator. If one runs less amount of device by the generator, it’s okay. But using an amount of device more than the capacity of the generator will cause damage and accident.

Noise: Whatever the generator is, checking the noise level is important. If the household hasa baby and an older person then it’s mandatory to choose a silent generator. A heavy noise generator will be harmful to their health.

Portability: In form of an inverter generator, one always wants a portable generator. For portability, one must choose a generator of a small size. If the generator is of high power producer then equipment like a roller coaster will be added with the product. One has to double-check it while buying one.

Is the predator generator worth buying

The reliable and trustworthy Predator brand manufactured the predator generator. They are in the market for decades and have never compromised with the quality of their product. They do not manufacture so many products. But the product they release in the market is of the best quality. So yes, it is worth buying.

How much noise does the predator generator create while in the run

Predator generators are very popular as silent generators. Even the greatest power producer generator creates less amount of power. The noise of the generators will not bother anyone around. Outside the house, people will not even realize there is a generator running inside the house.

Which country makes the predator generator

The brand predator is a USA-based company. The brand manufactured some of their product. In the case of those, we can say the USA makes that generator. However,Harbor Freight Tools Company manufactured some of its generators. This company is in China. For that generator, we can say they are made in China.

Final Words

The brand predator has been producing good-quality generators for decades. Recently, they have had to change the design of their generator which is impressive. With the good look and good quality, one cannot deny buying a predator generator.

The right choice of generator will be a great deal for anyone. Providing a great amount of power every predator generator will run for a long time

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