Inverter Generator Comparison Chart

Having a portable power source is very reliable for emergency situations or while traveling in RV. The power source will provide electricity to keep the important devices working for a long time. However, one must ensure the power is sufficient for all the devices.

One of the best and reliable power sources is an inverter generator. The inverter generators are light in weight, compact, very portable, quiet, and cost-efficient. The inverter generators have modern technologies to reduce fuel consumption and provide dependable power for highly sensitive devices.

In our today’s article, we will provide inverter generator comparison charts between some best inverter generators so that one can understand why these devices are highly reliable.

Inverter Generator Comparison Charts

There are lots of inverter generator manufacturing brands. All of the brands try to use innovative technologies in their inverter generators to satisfy the users. Among all of these brands, two well-known brands are Yamaha and Honda. Though they are well known for their bikes and engine they are also known for their inverter generators as well. They use their top-quality industry-leading engine in their inverter generators.

In the below chart we compare two of the well-known and best inverter generators are known as Yamaha EF2400iSHC and Honda 662220 EU2200i.

FeaturesYamaha EF2400iSHCHonda 662220 EU2200i
PowerThe starting power level of Yamaha is 2400watts and the running power is 2000 watts.Starting power of Honda is 2200watts. The running power is 1800watts.
RuntimeThe runtime of this Yamaha generator is more than 9 hours at 25% load.On the other hand, the runtime of Honda is more than 8 hours with a 25% load.
Fuel TypeIt needs gasoline to generate power.This generator also needs gasoline.
EngineBuild with a 171cc OHV 4-stroke engine.It is built with a Honda GXR 120 commercial series 121cc engine.
Eco-modeAuto throttle eco mode to adjust the engine speed according to the required power for fuel-efficiency.Eco throttle button on the control panel to increase fuel efficiency.
Auto shut off modeThe engine automatically shuts off at a low oil level to keep it safe from damage.CO-minder technology shuts off the generator when the carbon monoxide level is relatively high around the device.
Tank CapacityIt comes with a 1.6 gallons tank.It has a 0.95 gallons fuel tank.
Noise LevelOnly produces 54 to 61dB noise which is relatively very low.The noise level is 48 to 57dB which is lower than a normal human conversation.
WeightThe weight of this Yamaha generator is 75lbs.It is 54 pounds weighted.
PortabilityComes with 2 handles on the side for portability.Comes with a solid single handle on the top for portability.
CostThis Yamaha generator costs around 1300$.The Honda inverter generator cost 1100$.
WarrantyIt is backed with a 3-year long warranty.This one is also backed with 3 years warranty.

From the above chart, we can see that when it comes to power, engine, and tank capacity the Yamaha is the winner. The EF2400iSHC will be able to back the user for a very long time during power outages or emergency situations than Honda 662220 EU2200i. However, when it comes to noise level, weight, and portability the Honda is the best.

The single handle design and the weight of the Honda inverter are perfect for carrying with one hand. Both of these generators are top-notch and will serve a very long time. Those who want more power and long backup should choose the Yamaha inverter generator. And those who do not need more power but want a quieter and highly portable generator should choose the Honda inverter generator.

WEN vs Champion

In the below chart, we will compare inverter generators of another two top brands named WEN generator and Champion. The generators are WEN 56203i 2000 and Champion 100692 2000. These generators are available at a very decent affordable price which is under 500$.

FeaturesWEN 56203i 2000Champion 100692 2000
PowerStarting power of the WEN 56203i is 2000 watts. And the running power is rated at 1700 watts.This Champion 100692 generator’s starting power is also 2000 watts and running power is 1700 watts.
RuntimeIt can generate clean power for up to 10 hours with ¼ loads.This inverter generator can produce power for more than 11 hours with ¼ loads.
EngineIt is constructed with a 79cc 4-stroke OHV engine.It is also manufactured with a 79cc OHV 4-stroke engine.
Eco-modeComes with an eco-mode button which is situated on the top area of the control panelContains an eco mode button situated on the bottom area. It does not design with the shape of a regular button.
Auto shut off modeFuel shut-off mode reduces the chances of engine damage and increases the lifespan of the generator.Low oil shut off to keep the engine intact and increases durability.
Tank CapacityThe tank capacity of this WEN generator is 1 gallon.This Champion inverter generator comes with a 1.1 gallons fuel tank.
Noise LevelThe noise level of WEN is 51dB at 22 feet which is very decent.It has a noise level of 53dB at 23 feet.
WeightIt is only 39 pounds weighted.It is a bit heavy than WEN and weighed 39.5 pounds.
PortabilityA solid top handle that is very sturdy and easy to carry with a single handle.Single handle design top for one-hand transportation.
Start typeRecoil start ensures convenient starting.Recoil start system with cold weather starts protection to keep it working in cold weather as well.
Parallel connectionSingle port parallel connection for increasing the wattage.Two ports for connecting two of these Champion generators models for increasing the power.
CostThis WEN inverter generator is available for around 410$ and features 2 different types.This Champion model will cost around 450$.
WarrantyThe WEN 56203i comes with 2 years of warranty.It features 3 years long warranty.

According to the comparison chart, both the models are similar and produce the same amount of power. Also, to increase the power amount both of these models can be connected with the corresponding model. However, the difference between these devices is the price, runtime, and warranty.

Is an inverter generator better than a normal generator

Yes, inverter generators are better than normal generators in some ways. The inverter generators are clean and cost-efficient. These generators contain eco mode, auto low oil shut-off mode, and adjustable throttle mode to cut the oil cost.

Another amusing thing about these inverter generators is their portability. These generators feature an ergonomic carry hand which is very sturdy for portability. Also, the inverter generators are less noisy and do not pollute the environment like the normal generators. However, the only drawback is the power. A traditional generator can create a higher amount of power than the inverter generator.

Inverter Generator

Is an inverter generator good for home use

Inverter generators are great for home use. These generators are very efficient and effective. Also, the inverter generators produce clean and safe power for a sensitive and expensive appliances.

There is no hassle using these generators. The control panel of the inverter generators is very straightforward and all the things in the control panel are labeled so that users can easily understand. Also, these generators are highly portable so one can use them in RV or while camping outdoor.

What are the advantages of an inverter generator

An inverter generator is full of advantages. These generators are far better than a traditional generators. These are easy to carry, fuel-efficient, and produce low noise, features parallel connection, and are safe.

 Portability is the main advantage of these machines. These machines feature very lightweight and are compact in size. Also, these inverter generators have sturdy handles so that one can lift these devices up for transportation. Unlike the traditional generators, these generators do not produce a bothering high amount of noise which is safe for ears and health. Another advantage of these devices is the fuel efficiency.

These machines have adjustable auto throttle features which adjust the speed of the engine according to the load so that the engine can consume less oil. There are some inverter generators that feature parallel connections so that one can connect two corresponding generators together to double up the power rating. These generators feature an easy and convenient starting system which is a recoil system. There are some modern inverter generators that also come with an electric start system for effortless starting.

Final Words

Inverter generators are a great source of power at the time of power outage or emergency situation for continuous and safe power backup. Therefore, most people like to use inverter generators instead of traditional generators. Inverter generators are perfect for carrying in an RV for off-road traveling. However, each of the inverter generators has distinguished features and work abilities. One must know about the characteristics so that they can easily choose the best one.

In this article, we have provided two inverter generators comparison charts to help the buyers. These charts have all the necessary descriptions that one should know.

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