How to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket? Simple Life Hacks

In the modern world, every people have become more digitalized. In everywhere there is electricity for leading life more comfortable. People now cannot live without electricity in their daily life. It is an inseparable part of people’s life.

In case of no electricity, there is another option to solve this problem. A generator is very helpful for this issue. Everybody knows that every problem has a solution. There is increasing demand for using electricity power all over the world. That’s why the uses of the generator are also becoming more and more popular over the years.

While going camping, hiking, traveling, out in the RV, and also sometimes in our home, we must need generators for charging our smartphones, laptops, mobiles, air conditions, etc. But there is a big problem to run a generator for a long time. There are so many noise and annoyed buzzing sounds while running a generator.

How to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket?

There are some ways to reduce this disgusting noise. People can make their generator quiet. In this article, we are going to describe some important factors which really help to understand that how to make a generator as quiet as a cricket. So whether they are far away from their house, there are some necessary factors they should do to reduce the noise of the generators.

What is a Generator?

An electric generator, sometimes it can be called Dynamo, is a device or motor that can convert the motive power or mechanical energy into electric power or electricity for transmission properly over the institutions, commercial industries, etc. There are so many generators which also produce electricity for automobiles, crafts, ships, trains and so more. In this device, it receives the mechanical energy from outsourcing and after that receiving the external energy, it can convert into electricity.

Why Do Generators Make Sound?

Usually, while running a generator, it creates electric energy through an engine which occurs more sounds. On average, a generator can make 60 to 70 decibels noise. Sometimes, the noise is becoming more loud. There is also a reason. A big portion of noise comes from its vibrant while running the generator engine. The vibrant is transferring continuously to the ground and the noise is also occurring simultaneously. Remember one thing; try to avoid running the generator in any hard space or grounds because the hard surface is responsible for noising more loudly.

Researching by our technical team, we find some important cause for occurring the noisy sounds by a generator. Now we are telling first about why and where the generator sounds come from exactly. We put 5 factors that are the main source to create the noise.

  • Engine Exhaust Pipe: There are so many types of generators. Not every generator occurs same sounds or noise. The sounds level is also different from each other. For example, there is an exhaust pipe in a portable generator. So it creates exhaust sound as well as engine sounds. So it can create more noise while running the generator.
  • Cooling Fan: This is another cause of creating more noises. There is a cooling system for battling overheat. Some generators create more sounds because of producing more electric energy. So because of producing more power, the generator usually heats up a lot. Therefore, there must need a cooling system to reduce overheating. So, this is also a source to increase the noise of generators.
  • Vibrations: Producing more electric power there can occur more vibrations on the ground. So harder surface will absorb more vibrations that cause more noises while running the generator.
  • Alternator: While producing electric energy, there is also a working alternator individually. So it generates more sounds too.
  • Mechanical Issue: The last thing, there may have some mechanical operations also that occur more sounds.

How to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket for Camping?

There are so many techniques for reducing the noise of the generator while running it. We are going to explain some major tips to hush a noisy generator.

  1. Place a Soundproof Mat:

Very first, we are explaining the simplest way to reduce the generator sounds and noises too. People should place a soundproof mat for reducing the noise. A proper soundproof mat can absorb the vibrations so that it can reduce the total annoying bussing sound that is created by the generator. Sometimes the buzzing sounds are significantly increasing a lot. It is too much a disgusting issue. So, placing a soundproof mat is a very simple way to reduce the noise.

People can easily place this mat under the generator. Even it cannot reduce the full of noises but it is absolutely perfect for reducing the big percentage of noises.

People may need to carry this mat. So it is very easy to carry because it is fully portable. They can take it anywhere they would visit such as for hiking, camping, in the garden, etc. They should not struggle to install it under the generator. They can just put it on the ground and the generator put above it.

They can use mass loaded vinyl which is really super effective to absorb the noisy vibrations.

2. Add Generator Silencer:

This is another factor people can do for reducing the noises of the generator. The generator silencer works like the car silencer works. So it is very effective if they can install it perfectly into their generator. It can able to silent the generator where the noises come from the engine. The silencer can be categorized into 3 levels depending on the sounds level.  So, people should install it properly.

3. Water Bucket Method:

This is an effective process if they do it perfectly. This method can reduce the maximum level of sounds and noises from the generator. For this method, they should follow some steps as the below.

  • They first need a water bucket and hose pipe.
  • Now they should connect one side of the hose pipe with the exhaust of the generator. They should check if it is connecting properly.
  • Now put the other end of the hose pipe of a bucket of water. But concern about there should have less than 5 gallons or approximately 19 liters of water in the bucket.
  • This is the important factor people should always warn about it. They should make a small hole at the high point of the hose pipe because sometimes water can be sucked into the generator. So that holes can help to prevent being sucked into the water.
  • At last, they can turn on the generator. The water damps the annoying noises from the generator and also makes it very quiet

4. Upgrade the Muffler:

This is a default device that can reduce the noises and sounds from the generator. It is an essential component of any kind of generator. It works as well as the car also. This is made and designed for such reducing every single noise of the generator. But there is a fact also if this muffler would be scratched anyhow, then it will not work properly. So in that case, people should upgrade this muffler of the generator. You all notice that the maximum level of noise and sound comes from the exhaust of a generator. So a high-quality muffler is absolutely suitable to reduce the noise.

If there is not any installed muffler, then they should install first a big size muffler. Because of reducing more sounds and also instantly reduce the noise levels, a big size muffler is very effective for a generator.

Another hand, if their generator muffler is getting too old, then they should upgrade it. They must install a new big size and more efficient muffler to reduce noises properly. Keep in mind that not every muffler is suitable for the generator. So try to install that muffler that is compatible with their generator.

They may need to know some technical issues to change a new efficient version of the muffler. If they do not know they should take help from other expert technicians.

5. Make a DIY Soundproof Generator Box:

This is an easy task if you enjoy making DIY projects of your own. By making a soundproof generator box people can reduce the noises of the generator. But they should keep something before making a DIY soundproof generator box.

First, they should take the proper measurements of their generator as they can build a perfect size soundproof generator shed. Measuring first the generator sizes, it will be very easy to control the size and complexity while making a DIY soundproof box.

Secondly, it is very important to check the uses materials of making the generator shed if these are able to absorb vibrations, noises. Some materials are very low heat resistance and skillful to soundproof. We highly recommend using these materials. So they should use these kinds of materials while making DIY soundproof generator boxes.

6. Use Sound Deflectors:

If there have multiple solutions that come up for reducing the noises of the generator, then this sound deflector is one of them.

It is also important to use deflectors for decreasing the noises of any generator. They may place some surface that is able to absorb the vibrations properly.

There are so many sound deflector materials in the market. They can use any of them ensuring its ability first. To amplify the sounds of the large TV set, there are used some high quality sound deflectors materials. It is cheerful to hear that some good deflector materials are also available for the generator too. The sound deflector function can deflect the noise and amplify the sounds in a simple way that has a lower risk of hitting them. As a result, people can reduce maximum noise.

This mainly diverted the sound without proofing it. If the generator is placed on open ground, then people can use these sound deflectors as a soundproofing system to avoid entering the sounds into the living room.

7. Fix the Exhaust Pipe:

The perfect placement of the exhaust pipe plays an important role to get loud noises and sound from the generator significantly. People should fix the exhaust pipe vertically.

According to some expert technician, if the exhaust pipe is placed horizontally instead of placing it vertically, then you will get unbearable sounds and noises from the generator while running it. This sound will irritate you so much if the placement is in the wrong way.

So people should fix the exhaust line also as placed it vertically and they relief from the annoying noises from the generator.

How to Make Your Generator Quiet

How Loud Can Generators Get?

Generally, a generator can create more noises than so loudly sounds. You will be surprised to know the power of creating the noises by the generator. It creates more vibrations and makes louder sounds. Most of the portable generator has the sound level of 70 decibels to 100 decibels. So people should bring any new generator which can create under the 60 decibel or fewer sounds. It is perfect for the home. People can get this noise of low decibel.

Remember that an inexpensive generator can make so loud noises which are really unbearable because of lacking the proper built-in sound technology. This technology is pricy enough so that there is no better sound technology in the gasless generator. That’s why it can make more noises and loud sounds while running.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s enough for today. We have already covered maximum information and solution too for reducing the noises of the generator. People can understand easily now how to make a generator quiet as a cricket. In the above, we put some issues as well as their solutions too so that people will get value by reading this article. A generator is really important for our daily life. So obviously people should know the proper solutions as like sound pollution or too many noises that occur while running the generators.

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