How Many Watt Generators To Run AC

The generator is one of the most important things to run AC or other household things. It is very necessary to have a high quality generator for running the AC properly in the home. There are so many generators in the market. People should know first what type of generator they will need to run their AC.

Generally, we all count or measure the wattage or voltage of the generator. Very first thing every people should know about how many watt generators to run AC. If they can able to understand that issue then they can easily choose the right generator for running the AC.

So, in this article, we will briefly discuss about all necessary factors about generators and AC also so that people can easily understand about which type of generator they should need to run AC.

What is a Generator

This is an electrical device that can convert mechanical energy into electric energy as output. This electric energy can be used in any external circuit. In modern times, there are all electrical generators that can convert the motive power into electric power. People sometimes call the electric generator as the Dynamo. Generating more electrical power is used to apply and distribute over power lines. Mainly a generator’s power can be measured by watt.

In the next section, we will describe that’s all factors clearly.

How Many Watt Generators To Run AC

It mainly depends on how big the size of the AC is. People should first know the total wattage of the AC which they want to run with generators. There are so many Air Conditioners in the market. Their size may be different. The watt of these AC is not similar to each other. So, people must identify the first wattage of the AC. There are some steps to identify the watt of the new AC. We put major 4 ways to figure out the wattage of any AC.

While buying new AC, there may have a specification sheet. If there have no sheet, kindly take it from the shop owner or dealer. In the specification sheet, there must write the power of the AC. Most of the time it has been written on wattage metrics.

Sometimes there also have written EER ratings. This is so important to know the EER rating of the AC. They can easily find the wattage using EER metrics. So, it is very important to find the EER rating of the AC. They should divide the BTUs with the EER rating to find the wattage of the AC.

In the specification sheet, there also have written the current of the AC in amp metrics. The current always measure in the amp.

Now they should find the voltage of the AC because without voltage and current we cannot measure the wattage of the AC. They should multiply voltage with the current to find the accurate wattage of the AC.

So, here are all 4 ways to find the wattage of any AC. But there is a new factor we can notice. BTU is an essential factor or metric which can measure the cooling capacity of the AC.

What is BTU

This is a metric of the cooling capacity of the AC. BTU means British Thermal Unit. It can determine the real cooling capacity of the AC. For measuring the wattage of the AC or identify its cooling capacity we can write BTU/h as its unit.

At the very first time, we do not know the total capacity of the AC. So this BTUs unit can denote the actual size of the AC. So, we should know about this factor in detail. Otherwise, we cannot identify what type of generator we should need to run AC.

How Many BTU Do I Need

BTU defines the capacity of the AC. So, a large size AC with a huge BTU can provide more cooling capacity. The higher the BTU, the more cooling an AC unit can give to us. So, there are no limits to choose the AC. If anyone really needs a large size AC for their home, they may need a larger size generator with more wattage. So, it mainly depends on the BTU of the AC. Then you can decide how many watt generators you need to run AC. So everybody should consider these all metrics before buying any AC.

For example, you have a 500 sq. ft. area of your room. So you need an AC. So the first thing you must know is the BTU of the AC according to this room size. So, for this room size, average BTU you should need almost 10,000 BTU AC for this room. It will be perfect for this room with 500 sq. ft.

People should keep in mind that there has no excess BTU or less BTU for their room.

Not Excess BTU: If the room size is 12 * 12 only, then you should not need a large size AC with a huge BTU. You should not need 14,000 BTU AC for this tiny size room. It is totally unnecessary.

Not Too Tiny size AC: On the other hand, people should not buy too tiny size AC with small BTU for a large size room. If the room size is average 1000 sq. ft and they buy only 6000 BTU AC, it is not enough for this large room. They need more BTU AC for cooling properly.

As electrical engineers say that a forced-air system by and large necessities 20 BTU for each square foot of the room. So, try to find the accurate generator to run the AC with proper BTU.

What size generator to run AC

Most of the time, 5 ton AC unit is common to all the people for their large size apartment. Today, we put an example about how many watt generators run AC.

For example, we have 5 ton AC unit. It can generate a huge amount of BTU for cooling power. Almost 60,000 BTU of cooling power can be generated by this 5 ton AC unit easily. Thus is huge enough for almost 3000 sq. ft. large house to cool down the room.

How Many Watt Generators To Run AC

So, here is a question how many watts does it should need to run the AC properly

In the above, we have already explained how to find the wattage of any AC. So this is easy for calculating all metrics to measure the accurate wattage of this large air conditioner. The total wattage of 5 ton AC unit can be on average from 4000w to 8000w. If we calculate this with the current unit, then the current should be between 16 amps to 34 amps. This is a huge amount of current for this large AC. There is a total of 240-volt circuits of this AC unit.

If we take the average wattage of running power of this 5 ton AC, then it should be 6000 wattages on average. We all should know the metrics of calculating all units clearly. That’s why we first discuss about the necessary units in the above. If we calculate the wattage to EER rating, then it may be 10 EER rating of 5 ton AC. The current should be on average 25 amps to run this 5 ton huge AC.

So we can easily find the total amount of wattage of a generator to run the AC. It is not an easy job, but if anyone follows our guidelines, they can easily measure all units correctly without any problem at all. In the above, we clear all things first so that people can understand about the all metrics of this generator and AC.

Can A Portable Generator Power Your Central Air Conditioner

Yes, a portable generator can run the central AC. But, there are some issues too though it can run the AC. People should need a large size generator with a huge amount of wattage to run the AC perfectly. They must need at least 10,000 wattages of the generator.

If they use a small wattage generator, then it cannot supply proper power to run the AC. So, this may affect your AC too to discontinue power supply.

Usually, a portable generator is absolutely perfect for the backup power of your house. This portable generator mainly uses for this case in any emergency power loss situation. So, it is better to charge up the most important things in your house. A portable inverter generator cannot able to power everything while occurring load shedding.

Final Words

At last of this article, we understand about the main purpose of the generator. A generator can help to run AC definitely. But, it’s depending on the capacity of the AC and the wattage or BTU of the generator. So, everyone should know to measure all metrics using all units to find the accurate wattage of any generator. By reading this article, people can know about how many watt generators to run AC. So they can able to match the generator for running the AC properly.  

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