How Many Hours Will a Diesel Generator Last? Fuel Consumption Chart

In this era, after Oxygen and Water, the most needed thing is electricity. In everyday life, we cannot think without electricity at all. From home to industry everything depends on electricity. But according to our need, we cannot get the proper amount of electricity. Sometimes the power gets cut off because of natural causes and for economical demands. So for this reason, companies and homes keep their own electric backup.

The backup electric source is a generator. The generator and gasless generator is a very reliable source at the time of power cut. A generator helps in continuing the production of an industry which is a very helpful and reliable thing.

However, all generators are not long lasting. Some of them have a low life cycle and some of them have a high. Basically, most diesel generators last longer than other generators. As one will purchase a diesel generator for a very long time, therefore, knowing how many hours will a diesel generator last will be a big help for the company’s productions and home peace.

How Many Hours will a Diesel Generator Last?

The answer to this question depends on numerous factors. Now, you would not be satisfied with this answer because you want a numerical limit. However, according to many researchers, there is a limit on the life cycle of a diesel generator.

A diesel generator will last at least 10,000 hours and at max of 50,000 hours. However, that depends on the use of the generator. Basically, the industrial generators last less than home generators. Because industrial generators have to supply more power than home generators. It is just an estimated life span one should not take it very seriously. The estimated life span is to give an idea about the life span of the generator. But a diesel generator will last between the estimated duration that’s for sure.

 However, if the generator is being used 24×7, then it will reach its life span a lot faster than a generator that is being used once a day or once a week. That means the life span totally depends on the use of the generator.

But if one does not use their generator because of the fear of losing the life span of the generator, then it will ultimately make the generator powerless. At that time, one has to give flash to their inverter generator for making it working again.

Some Important Factors

As one wants a long life out of their generator, therefore, one has to provide some effort for that. To ensure a long life span out of the generator there are some factors that one is bounded to check. Here are some factors that one needs to consider.

Size- The first one is the size of the generator. This is the most important factor among all others while getting a generator. As we know that the bigger the generator is the more power it will produce. For this reason, almost all the industry use huge size generators which can produce the required amount of power to run all the necessary accessories of the industry. On the other hand, for home, most people use small to medium size generators as home does not require a lot of power like industries.

But if one uses a medium or small size generator for their industries big load, then it is destined that the generator will lose its life span within few years. Therefore, before purchasing a generator one should check the used devices so that they can get the perfect size generator.

Maintenance- Whether it is a gas generator or a diesel generator or a propane one, if the generator is properly maintained, then it is sure to outrun its life cycle. The below list will determine the proper maintenance of a generator.

  • Using the generator often to keep its good health.
  • Check if there is any mechanical issue.
  • Changing the fuel of the generator quite often.
  • Keep track of the performance.

A generator that is being used up to its 80 to 90 percent of load capacity will ensure that it will always get its proper combustion pressure. And the proper combustion pressure will ensure that the generator piston rings are in the right position. Keep in check that all the parts are functioning properly and there is no issue of louder noise than its regular noise, providing smoke, and consuming more fuel than the regular amount.

Make sure not to let the generator get a power outage. Because there are some generators that need flash often if they get flash once. So do not wait for any power outage for starting maintenance. Make sure to always keep the parts clean and change the fuel filters.

Also, one needs to keep tracking the fuel consumption of the generator. If the generator seems to be consuming more fuel than previous, then it means the life span of the generator is getting reduced.

Use types- We have mentioned before that the lifespan depends on the use of the generator. To keep the generator properly working one must use the generator properly. That means not to provide too much pressure on the generator and also not to let the generator out of use.

There are two things that can affect the lifecycle of the generator and these are overuse and underuse.

Suppose, you have a generator that is being used to its full potential all day long and you are not providing any breaks 2 to 3 times a day, then this will definitely reduce the lifecycle of the generator. Putting too much pressure on the generator and getting more power out of it will provide wear and tear on the parts. So, one should not use the generator all day long without giving any breaks.

On the other hand, if one keeps the generator out of use for a very long time then it will be even worse than underuse. It seems that from letting the generator sits for a couple of months the parts of the generator get rusty. And while using the generator again because of the rust all the parts and the motor pistons will create a lot of friction which will damage the parts and ultimately the generator. Under use also can hamper the maintenance.

The above factors must be determined for increasing the lifecycle of a generator and to keep the generator in good condition.

Do Diesel Generators Last Longer than Natural Gas Generators?

In the term of long life, the diesel generator has the upper hand. The diesel generator will last longer than any other type of generator. That is why almost all industries choose diesel generators for their power backup. Also, the other types of generators are used for lighter uses like home use or garage use. However, both gas and diesel generators have their individual advantages and disadvantages.

However, there is a reason behind the long lifespan of diesel generators. And it is the way these generators are made of. The manufacturers use a simple mechanism for building a diesel generator. They use slower moving parts for building diesel generators. The diesel generator operates at a very low RPM rating. For the lower RPM operating rate and the slower parts, the parts of the diesel generator do not create a lot of friction which keeps the parts intact. On the other hand, a gas generator has a higher amount of RPM ratings and because of the RPM rating, the parts create a lot of friction which decreases parts durability and ultimately the lifespan of the generator.

Therefore, it can be said that a diesel generator lasts longer than a gas generator. However, one has to follow the above factors that we have described to increase the lifecycle of the diesel generator.

What is the Percentage of Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generators?

The percentage of fuel consumption of a diesel generator depends on various factors like size, percentage load, using time, and many more. However, the below chart contains the fuel consumption rate depending on the load percentage and the size of the generator. However, this is just an estimated chart. There are many factors on which the fuel consumption of a generator depends.

Generator Size (KW)50 % load (Gallon per hour)75 % load (Gallon per hour)100 % load (Gallon per hour)
10 to 20 KW0.53 to 0.900.65 to 1.300.88 to 1.60
30 to 40 KW1.80 to 2.302.40 to 3.202.90 to 4.00
60 to 752.90 to 3.403.80 to 4.604.80 to 6.10
100 to 1254.10 to 5.005.80 to 7.107.40 to 9.10
135 to 1505.40 to 5.907.60 to 8.409.80 to 10.90
175 to 2006.80 to 7.709.70 to 11.0012.70 to 14.40
230 to 2508.80 to 9.5012.50 to 13.6016.60 to 18.00
300 to 35011.30 to 13.1016.10 to 18.7021.50 to 25.10
400 to 50014.90 to 18.5021.30 to 26.4028.60 to 35.70
600 to 75022.00 to 27.4031.50 to 39.3042.80 to 53.40

This chart will give a proper idea about the fuel consumption of the diesel generator. With this chart, one will be able to choose the proper size of a diesel generator depending on their use area.

What is the Advantage of Using a Diesel Generator?

There are a lot of advantages to a diesel generator. For these advantages, people like to use diesel generators instead of other generators.

The main advantage of a diesel generator is its durability. A diesel generator is very durable than other generators. The diesel generators outrun other generators. Also, diesel can be found easily in any place. A diesel generator can be used with dyed and construction diesel which is very easy to get and available at a reasonable price. The diesel generators are cost effective. Also, these generators are very reliable and one can use them for very long service.

Diesel can be stored way safer than other fuels. These generators are able to handle a huge amount of loads without failure. And these generators are effortless. That means one does not have to maintain these generators quite often.

How Many Hours Will a Diesel Generator Last

Can You Run a Generator 24 Hours a Day?

Generators are used as a power backup. These are not manufactured to power a place for weeks without breaks.

However, one can use a generator for a whole day without any break if the person has a fuel storage system that can store the fuel for a whole day.

Though generators are made to supply power, it would not be a wise idea to use a generator for a couple of days without any breaks. Because using generators all day long without breaks for many days will reduce the lifespan of the generator. Also, it is not quite possible to use a generator all day long for weeks without any break. Because one has to shut off the generator for providing fuel.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a diesel generator, one must know how many hours will a diesel generator last. Knowing this will help one to choose the proper size generator. However, there is no approximate time limit for a diesel generator. Therefore, in this article, we have provided an estimated time limit for diesel generators. Also, here we have provided a chart that contains the rate of fuel consumption depending on the size of the generator and the load percentage.

Lastly, we would like to recommend that one should not provide too much load on the generator. And also, maintain the generator properly for ensuring the durability of the generator.

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