Honda Eu2200i Review For 2021

Honda is a popular brand manufacturing the various mechanical product. Generator, inverter generator, portable generator are some of their area of manufacture. The Honda Eu2200i is an inverter generator, which is the updated version of their previous model of an inverter generator. They have added more power, a very long overdue fuel cutoff switch, and some other features. People will find it very much helpful and durable while using.

 Though few changes in the generator will be good. But the generator already has many advantages over the regular generator. The impressive performance, small size, enough power will be enough for a household. One cannot take their eyes off the generator once they know its worth. For more clarification, we will describe the details of the product below.

Why one should use a Honda eu2200i generator

First of all the product is of Honda brand. This brand is one of the most popular automobile brands in the world. They gained their popularity because of their high quality and reliable product. That’s worth buying anything from them without worrying about the quality. As for the product, Honda EU2200i is one of the best inverter generators money can buy. That’s the basic reason one should buy the product for their home, office, or anywhere they want.

Honda Eu2200i Review

An inverter generator is a smaller, lighter, and easy to use the generator. They do not require fuel fill up on regular basis. The inverter generators are portable but long-lasting. As for the power, an inverter generator will light up the whole house including an electric bulb, microwave, computer, refrigerator, and so on.

That’s the reason this type of generator gained so much popularity. This type of generator is perfect for a sudden power outage. Also, in unfavorable weather, this type of generator is a life savior. Besides, while going for a picnic or campaign in an area without electricity, the inverter generator is the magic box. The generator will produce electricity hassle-free for a long time.

In a recent world with growing technology, amount of inverter generator. Among all the generators the Eu2200i inverter generator of the Honda brand is a good option. This inverter generator will power up a wide amount of electric appliances for a long time. The portability of the generator makes it a perfect choice to use it anywhere. It makes it possible to bring an extensive amount of power to fingertips.

The generator is the updated version of the EU2000i version of the Honda brand. They have added some new useful features with this new version. Impressively, the generator will produce 10% more power compared to the old version because of the 200wtts increased energy. The features are very reliable, efficient, and make this generator is a perfect choice.

One has to know every specific feature of the generator in detail to make the right choice. The generator features,

Power: Offering 2200 runtime watts the generator will provide the amount of power out of someone’s imagination. It will offer power to run all the home appliances for a decent amount of time. However, to gain more power one can use two generator parallel. They will just need an optional cable for the combination. After the task, they will have 4400 watts of power.

Engine: They have used their Honda GXR120 engine in this inverter generator. The engine is manufactured for heavy-duty and reliability. The engine will last for a long time in heavy load and longtime use. As for the lifespan of the engine, the engine will be extremely durable because of the special construction engineered by the best brand Honda. This engine is considered to be the top engine of its genre.

Noise: A saying is popular about generators, ‘you said generator I heard the heavy sound’.  Luckily. After the invention of the inverter generator, this saying becomes a myth. This inverter generator creates extremely low sound. One can say this works in silence. It only creates 48 dB noise. This is not something that will annoyed people. Even a bird will not feel disturbed by the noise. Running this generator in a power outage night, one can sleep in peace so does their neighbor.

Starting and Fuel shut off option

Starting the generator requires no technical skill or any complexity. One can easily start the engine by just pressing a switch. This generator is engineered with easy use featured to make it user-friendly. The automatic mechanical decompressor used in the main construction of the generator will greatly reduce the force. Which will help start the generator quickly and easily.

By the fuel shut-off option feature, if the user turns this on the generator will automatically turn off fuel lacking alarm. It will save the generator from some serious damage.

Efficiency: Once one fill-up the one-gallon fuel tank they can use the generator at least for 7 hours on medium to heavy load. The generator will use the fuel without creating any kind of discharge.

Environment friendly: We have mentioned above that the generator creates extremely low noise which will bring no harm to people even animals. That means the noise of the generator will not create sound pollution. So does other element pollution of the environment. The generator will not discharge any chemical or anything which will pollute any part of the environment.

Portability: The generator is of small size and has less weight. That makes it extremely portable. The generator only weighs 45.6 pounds. That is extremely lightweight. One can easily carry the generator anywhere they want. Even in hill tracks or campaigns far from the home.


Wattage2200 watts
Dimensions16 x 20 x 11 inches
Weight46.5 Pounds
Voltage120 Volts
Engine Displacement121 Cubic Centimeters
Output Wattage2200 Watts
Tank Volume0.95 Gallons
Run Time8.1 Hours at medium load
Noise Level48 dB at medium load
Engine GXR120Engine GXR120
Engine Speed4000 rpm – 4500 rpm
Cooling SystemForced Air
Warranty3 Years

Pros and Cons

The generator is user-friendly and environment-friendly.  
It is efficient and reliable.
One can buy this generator to run all their home appliance.  

Extreme durability is another feature.
Providing 10% more energy compared to the old version the generator will run for at least 8 hours.  

It has a 1-gallon fuel tank.  

The generator is extremely lightweight and portable.  
It will not create much noise.  

The generator will not discharge any waste.  

The generator features are easy to start.  

The fuel shutoff feature allows the generator turned off when there is no fuel in the tank.
The manufacturer will give 3 years of warranty with the product.  
Overload of fuel will create problems while starting the generator.

Buying Guide: Inverter Generator

Buying an inverter generator is not like buying any groceries. It will take a good amount of time for the consumer to select the best one from the many options of the market. Buying an inverter generator will require some mechanical knowledge about the generator. One has to consider and math some of the features with their situation to pick the right one. The things one should know,

Consumption amount: The first thing is the number of appliances and the amount of time one will use the generator need to be set. Before going further deiced how many appliances one will use by the generator. Also how much time do they want the generator to run.

Power: Now decide the power of the generator. For regular home appliances, one can use a generator having at least 2000 watts of power. For AC or something heavy like the Air cooler one can go for power of 4000 watts or more.

Efficiency: Using a generator that is not reliable and efficient will give a bad experience. One must choose a generator that will provide at least 95% output from the given input. Also, chemical discharge from the generator is not acceptable.

Noise: The noise is annoying.  No matter what the source is. Running a generator with noise at night will create a massive noise. It will disturb anyone around it. A noisy generator is not buyable. One can get a generator of 40 dB to 60 dBthe dB will depend on the size of the generator. For this one can read the review of the product.

Portability: Normally, all the inverter generators are portable. However, one should check before buying. The size and the weight must be checked according to where they will carry the generator. A small generator with lightweight is suggested for travel. But if someone wants to use the generator for many appliances the weight and size will be increased.

Honda Eu2200i

Is the Honda Eu2200i generator worth buying

Yes, the generator is worth buying. The main advantage of this generator is the additional 200 watts preserving the same weight as the previous version. The generator is very efficient and durable. It will bring value at an affordable price. One will not feel regret for buying the generator.

Is the Honda Eu2200i generator is environmentally friendly

Normally, generators are noisy. But not this one. It will create only 48 dB noise. This much noise is tolerable. The neighbor and the animal will not hear the noise so they will be very thankful to the user. That means it will not pollute the noise. Same for the other particle of the environment. The generator does not create any chemical discharge to pollute the environment.

What is the difference between Honda Eu2200i and Honda Eu2000i

Both the generator is of Honda brand. But they differ from each other in some ways. The Eu2200i is the updated version. Mainly in noise level, the updated version is in the front. The old version creates53 dB noise but the new version creates only 48 dB In the case of the power, the new version will provide 10% more power compared to the old version.

Final Words

The generator is a new update that release by the Honda brand after a long time. Without compromising the quality, they have manufactured a generator that is worth the price. Offering different new feature it will blow the user mind. Featuring their best engine, the generator will provide more power, efficiency, durability but less noise. The size and weight of the generator are low that makes it extremely durable.

Without any doubt, one can buy and use the Honda Eu2200i inverter generator.

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