Honda EM5000SX Review In 2021

The need for electricity in this modern world is getting higher and higher. To fulfill everyone’s need, the power station cuts the power of some areas for some time. Also, when a natural disaster occurs, the electricity gets cut off for few days. This may not affect home, but it highly affects industries. Because their productivity gets hampered.

 Therefore, all industries and homes should have a generator for emergency backup. While choosing a generator, people always go for the established brand. One of the established brands is Hond. This brand provides quality generators for daily life. Also, Honda provides a long time warranty.

In this article, we will introduce the Honda EM5000SX. It is a next-level generator and it is the updated version of the EG5000 model. After reading this review, one will know why this is best and why one should choose it.

Honda EM5000SX Review

The Honda EM5000SX is a top-notch generator. It has many updated features and it is very reliable. It will be a great investment during a power outage. The device will always provide a stable voltage under any kind of load. The generator is very user-friendly. It comes with a key for starting. Simply, rotate the key for easy starting.

To have more information, let us discuss each of the details individually.

Output Wattage- This Honda EM5000SX provides a huge amount of output watts. With this, one can run those power-hungry household devices that they need during power outages. This generator has a starting power of 5000 watts. This amount of power is enough for home use during power outage days. The running output watt of this generator is 4500 watts.

However, if one wants to run devices that need more than 5000 wattages for starting, then they also can use this generator. This generator has built-in iAVR technology. With the help of this technology, it can generate 7000 start-up wattage continuously for 10 seconds. It will help to power up large devices with ease.

Tank size- The tank size of this generator is huge. This generator features a 6.2 gallons fuel tank. This fuel tank will feature a long run time which will reduce the cost of fuel. Also, there is a built-in fuel gauge. This fuel gauge will help the user to determine when they need to refill the tank. The generator runs on gasoline. Gasoline is a budget-friendly fuel and it is very easy to get.

Run Time- When it comes to runtime, this generator is very superior. If the generator is on half load, it can run continuously for up to 11 hours or even more. This is a very long period and very helpful during power outages. Elsewhere, if the device is under full load, then it will run approximately 8 hours. Also, if the tank is half full, the generator will run for 4 hours.

Engine- For this generator, the manufacturer used a 389cc commercial-grade engine. The engine is Honda iGX390 which provides efficiency, durability, and great power. The engine is designed with innovative technology. There is a low fuel signal in the engine. This signal automatically turns off the generator’s engine if the fuel level reaches a certain low level. This method saves the engine from any damage which increases the engine’s durability. The engine features an electric start system. Also, it features a recoil start backup.

Noise- Other brand’s generators create a huge amount of noise while running. This noise is so disturbing and even can raise health issues. Basically, this occurs because of the generator’s low quality. But with this generator, there will be no such issues. The generator creates mere noise that reduces noise pollution. And the range of this noise is only 66dB to 73dB. The neighbors and you would not have any problem with your daily activities.

Portability- It is an easy portable generator. One can take this generator with them when going camping. The generator features a foldable handle. And there are two wheels under the generator. Thanks to the wheels and handle, one can easily pull the machine to the place where they want it. It would not cause any hassle while transporting and the wheels can work on any kind of surface.

Durability- To ensure long durability, the manufacturer used a steel frame. The frame will keep the generator from any damage and impact. Also, the manufacturer used high-quality durable wheels to ensure the wheels can support the weight of the generator easily.

Size and weight- The generator is designed with a convenient size. It can be easily stored inside a garage. The size of this generator is 41.1 inches long, 27.8 inches wide, and 30.5 inches high. While going camping, one can easily store the machine on the back of their car.

However, the generator is quite heavy. It is 232 pounds weighted. Carrying this generator single-handedly would not be a good idea.

Price and Warranty- This generator comes with various innovative features. It has individual circuit breakers for each of the circuits. And it also provides a steady voltage under any type of load. For these innovative features, this generator coast a bit higher price. The cost of this generator is over 2500$.

As this generator costs a lot of money, therefore, to make your cost worth they provide 3 years of manufacturing hassle-free warranty. Within these 3 years, if any problem arises, the manufacturer will solve this problem as fast as possible.


Output Starting Wattage5000
Output Running Wattage4500
AC Voltage120/240
Tank Size6.2 gallons
Engine size389CC
Warranty3 Years
Weight232 pounds
Dimensions (L x W x H)41.1” x 27.8” x 30.5”
Suitable for home application.   Can produce power up to 8 hours with a full load and 11 hours with half load.   iAVR technology helps to produce 7000 watts for 10 seconds.   Auto shut-off system ensures engine safety at a low fuel level.   A sturdy steel frame ensures long durability.   The bottom wheel and foldable handle feature easy transportation.Because of its technologies and features, it cost a high price.

How to choose the best generator

In the market, one will find a lot of options while buying a generator. This makes things very confusing. People could not come up with the best one and end up wasting all their money on a defective product. But with a little bit of caution and by following some considerations, one can get the best generator for them.

Watts- Wattage must be the first consideration while choosing a generator. Because it determines how many devices can you power up. To get the desired wattage first, one must calculate the number of watts they need. Simply, find out what kind of device you need to run at the time of power outage and then add all the wattage together to find the total watts. Also, one must consider the starting watts and the running watts of the devices. Because the starting and the running watts are not the same.

Type- There are two types of generators. These are battery-powered and fuel-powered. The battery-powered generators are suitable for light use. If anyone wants to power only a few things, then a battery-powered generator is best to choose. These generators are eco-friendly and produce a lower amount of noise.

However, for powering up more things, one will require a fuel-powered generator. The fuel-power generators can serve power for more applications at the same time. These generators are not eco-friendly.

Noise level- No one wants to get charged by an officer. One should try to choose a generator that produces a low amount of sound. Higher sound will bother neighbors and can produce health issues. The battery-powered powered generators are less noisy. But these generators are not able to provide a sufficient amount of power for many applications. However, there are some fuel-powered generators that produce lower sound noise.

Portable- The battery-powered generators are easy to carry. These are compact in size and less in weight. These generators are suitable for hiking and camping.

On the other hand, those generators that are used to power up household things are not portable. These are known as stationary generators. There are some big-size generators that feature wheels. One can pull those generators for transportation. Also, these generators feature an ergonomic design handle.

Cost and warranties- The cost depends on the generator power. The higher the power rating, the more it will cause. Mostly, battery-powered are affordable. On the other hand, gas-powered generators will cost more. However, one must try to get those generators that come with a limited warranty to make their cost worth it.

Honda EM5000SX

Who is the Honda EM5000SX for

The Honda EM5000SX is for those people who need more power for household things. Those people who want the best quality generator and do not have any issue with their budget can purchase it.

 This generator can produce up to 7000 starting wattage and can provide 4500 running wattage. Also, it is designed with a lot of innovative features. It will keep the devices safe by producing a steady voltage. And also turn off automatically because of low fuel to ensure engine safety.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best, top-quality, durable, and cost-efficient generator, then we recommend you choose the Honda EM5000SX. Though it cost a lot it has all the necessary and innovative features to keep the appliance safe. To know more about this generator, read the above details. Also, the best generator buying guide will help the amateur to know what features they must check while buying a generator.

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