Honda Black Max 7000 Review For 2021

The world will not stay calm forever. There may be occurred earthquake, sometimes there may happen load shedding in your area. That time you must need a portable generator to get more power for electricity. Otherwise, you also lost your electricity.

A portable high quality generator can help a lot while occurring lead shedding. It can also be used outdoor for any camping, travel, etc. There are so many generators available in the market. But ion this time, the Honda black max 7000 portable generator is the best gas-powered generator.

Today, we are going to review this generator. In the below, we put all major features as well as all specifications so that people can easily buy their desire best portable generator.

What is a Portable Generator

This is an electrical device that can convert mechanical energy into electric energy as output. This electric energy can be used in any external circuit. In modern times, most of the generator is portable that means it can be carried from one place to another place easily. People often need that electrical device to get more power supply from it.

So we all should need to buy the best generator with high wattage power. A portable generator can be used outdoor also. But very early age of the generator, that was fixed in any place and not very high quality to give more power. In recent time, we can get all generators portable and can use indoor and outdoor also.

Who is This For

We should need a generator in the construction workplace, camping, power business, mining, in agriculture, and night working, etc place. Sometimes people may need to work on any project continuously using any high quality generator.

So, in that case, they should buy this portable generator because it can be carried anywhere easily and can get huge power from this generator. It can also serve for long runtime. Really people would love this generator.

Review Details of This Honda Black Max 7000 Generator

This generator is made with very high quality materials and able to charge up very fast to any device and can able to supply more power. The starting watt is just awesome of this generator. Our team selects this generator by researching a lot about it. We try to review it based on the real customer’s comments. So, anyone can buy this if they choose its specifications and all others pros. We put all details in the below.

Why People should like this Black max 7000 generator: This is a powerful portable generator and it can carry anywhere they needed. There are so many reasons for choosing this generator. We are focusing on all the main factors of this generator. In the below, we put all of these factors.

Power: People always want to get more power from any high quality generator. They mainly need more power to plug in any devices with the generator. So, this black max generator cannot break your hope. This can able to produce 7000 watts of power. This is its running power at all. It can produce more up to 8750 surge watts. It’s really incredible for any generator. Having this huge power people can easily plug anything with this.

It will serve great performance always even plug in multiple devices. This power is sufficient to power up any appliances at a time. You can notice many other generators in online or market place, but never get this type of powerful portable generator. Having other necessary features this black max 7000 is one of the best generators. You should buy this if you have needed any.

Performance: People can get overall great performance from this portable black max generator. This is a reliable generator. It can produce 7000 watts more power to power up anything. In this black max generator, you can get eight 120 volt plugs at 20 amps and a single twist-lock 240-volt plug at 30 amps. This is enough for startup any multiple appliances using this generator.

This has the best quality engine for supplying more power. The engine quality is enough good. It has a 389 cc Honda GX390 OHV engine. Having 13 HP capacity of this engine, it can power up any appliances of your houses or projects. So, people can get more benefits if they will buy this one black max generator.

Construction: Most of the time, a portable generator can be used for any outdoor projects such as any construction projects or any camping, travel, etc. So, the body of this generator should be well made and so durable enough. By buying this black max portable generator people can get a durable generator.

This is designed with high quality metal frame so that it can serve for a long time. Then some most essential parts like the fuel tank and engine are also made with hard metal to ensure durable service life. People will get more benefits from this durable portable generator.

Fuel Tank Capacity: Generator engine run mainly depends on its fuel capacity. So, more fuel tank capacity is better to produce more power and suitable for more runtime. This generator is a gasoline fuel type. This black max generator has a 6-gallon fuel tank capacity. That really sounds good for getting more power and long runtime.

It can run up to 10 hours of run time at 50% load. People cannot get this type of fuel tank including more wattage power from any generator. So, this would be the first choice for everyone because it can give you more power with a big size fuel tank. So, people should buy this for them to use and get more power.

Sensor: It has a great low oil shut-off sensor. It can help a lot and keep safe your generator. This sensor can able to shut down the engine while decreasing the oil limit. It can save the engine from any damages when the engine is not enough for safe operations at all. So, having this sensor will be a great portable generator for people. It is very necessary for this generator. Otherwise, the generator may damage while dropping the oil limit suddenly.


BrandBlack Max
ManufacturerBlack Max
Assembly CountryUSA
ColorRed / Black
Engine BrandHonda GX390 OHV commercial-grade engine
Surge Wattage8750 watts
Running Wattage7000 watts
Engine Type4 stroke, 224 cc OHV
Low oil shut downYes
Runtime at half loadUp to 10 hours
Control Panel8 * 120 V 20 A, 1 * 240 V 30 A twist
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel Tank6 Gallon
Fuel GaugeNo
Assembly RequiredNo
Starting MethodElectric start / Recoil start
Noise LevelApproximately 80 dBA
Weight99.2 lbs
Item Dimensions30 inches * 29.5 inches * 19.5 inches
Warranty3 Years
  • Here install an advanced inverter that can reduce the noise.
  • It is equipped with a ready-charge battery.
  • Gasoline fuel type.
  • Up 10 17 hours runtime.
  • It has parallel-ready components.
  • This generator has a large size fuel tank capacity.
  • There are included low oil shutdown features.
  • This is made with high quality Honda GX390 engine so that it can power up more.
  • Up to 10 hours outstanding runtime at the half load of this engine.
  • Great surge wattage.
  • So much durable generator.
  • It has V shape handle to carry it easily.
  • There are no major cons at this entire Black max 7000 generator.
Honda Black Max 7000

Mind something while buying a new Black Max generator

Today we just reviewed only one high quality Black max generator. To buy this high quality inverter generator, people need to consider something important. We put some main factors which should be followed by everyone. If anyone follows this buying guide, hope they will buy their desire best portable generator. But we also suggest matching up these factors with this black max generator while buying it.

Reduce Noise: Before buying they should test its noise by running the engine. Its sounds limit is 80 dBA that is bearable for people. We recommend buying this generator. They can get very low sounds from this high quality generator. There is also an installed inverter to reduce noisy sounds.

Power: People should buy the more wattage power of generator so that it can able to maximum and can charge efficiently. This generator can charge and run for up to 10 hours at the half-loaded properly. So, it also gives higher runtime than another generator.

Fuel Efficiency: They should check also the fuel economy of the new generator while buying. They must concern about this. To run a generator there must need enough fuel for a long time run. This black max generator has a large size fuel tank. So, its capacity is also so high than other generators.

Is it able to power up more appliances properly

Having 7000 running wattages this portable generator is perfectly powered up by more appliances both indoor and outdoor also. It has also a large size fuel tank capacity. So there is no problem at all to power up more devices.

Final Words

Every people should buy a high quality generator to fulfill their needs. Having all the necessary features they can buy the Honda black max 7000. It is able to power up so many appliances at a time because it has the capability to more power having great surge wattage and also running watts. By reading this article, people can know more details about this portable generator. Hope this article will help you a lot.

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