What is the Difference Between a Generator and an Alternator?

Let us think of a day living in dark ages. Without have electricity. No light, no television, no internet. Living a day only for hunting food, makes clothes or fighting with animals….

Ok. It is look like dramatic but sometimes we often feel like that when we don`t have electricity around us or our generator get stuck. Many of us get in panic because of it. So here come many questions. What should anyone do when generator is not working? How to get rid of this problem?

So in this article we`re going to talk about some reasons generator stop working and try to fix out this problem.

What is a generator ?

Generator is basically a machine which is combines engine and genset. It provides electrical power from mechanical power. It provides backup power to grid power outage. It is also help institutions against power shortage. Otherwise they will face losses, risks of security. In institution like hospital, for electrical shortage we lose life. In tools and equipment it provides power where infrastructure is not available. It also helps to providing power municipal grid. There are many parts in generator. All of them are important and necessary. If you understand the major components of generator than you don’t have think about its maintenance. But it is true that you feel frustrated when you don’t know how to use when you have it. Generator actually create it`s mechanical power when the alternator works with the voltage.

Which is a four step cycle that continues to repeat itself until it gets to maximum power. For converting in DC current voltage regulator takes little amount of Ac voltage. Than send it to windings of the stator. Then it`s provide extra amount of Ac voltage. It provides Ac current from the windings of Dc voltage. This thing is send to the rotor. The rotor has rotation magnetic field which basically a part of electromagnetic filed. Ac voltage produce the higher amount of the power by induce the rotor. This is continues until it reaches the maximum level of generator. And which is give maximum capacity of the generator. When the power get increased it will produced less Dc current. But when the output getting decreases it makes overload. And that time regulator started its work again. Continues the cycle and keep the power at its level. Until Inverter generator gets shuts of intentionally or having some disturb on the system. Actually generator works like a car. You have to recharging battery every day. You have combined it with a fuel tank.

 Here is some necessary parts of generator which is most required

  • Alternator: Alternator is a function which use turns the mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Engine: It is one of the primary components which are uses for run the generator. Getting power from diesel fuel.
  • Control panel: Another basic component which is combined of buttons and switches. And control the operation of generator.
  • Voltage Regulator: It turns Ac current to Dc current. It has the control of system. It can control the voltage of generated power.

Application of generator

  1. Generator will supply extra power when you needed.
  2.  It will fulfill the requirements where power grid doesn`t exist.
  3. It provides power in critical conditions.
  4. Generator gives extra facilities to internet providers and data center companies.
  5. Construction side uses generator for essential power supply.
  6. Supplemental power given to telecom system and marine operations
  7. In industrial area generator is a very important thing.
  8. In Oil and Gas sector generator gives necessary service.

Types of Generator

Actually there are many types of generator defined by its power, durability,fuel type and portability. And there are also many types of variable which can divide generator in many types. By our research we actually find three types of basic generator used most often.  Here are they:

TYPES                                  WORK
DIESEL GENERATION      Used in big project such as like buildings, shopping ball. It uses diesel fuel. It is highly efficient. And their operation and power is impressive.
Natural gas generatorIt is used in small workstation where you can cover the need of your place. This type of generator is very helpful to small workstation, By it they can continue their work without any kind of v problem.
Portable and mobile generatorThis generator using for getting locations and emergency situation. Either it will have wheel or trailer to moves it here and there. It is runs by gasoline, natural and diesel too.

Power Contribution

As for now we know that there are many types of generator in the market. They all uses difference sources from the market to use it in different way. And also they have different prices and power to use. We have decided to make a chart for that. So our customers can easily understand the thing.

    NAMEPRICE                        USES
Diesel Generator3000$-15000$Diesel generator basically use for markets and another institution. They use fuel for produce electric energy. Specifically they use diesel fuel which is least burnable object. There is another name of this item and it is diesel genset. It is very familiar for its durability and long lasting substance. As diesel fuel burn cooler than other objects, it has lower pressure in the engine. And also this generator can produce more energy with low cost than other. We can use it for a long time if you can maintain it perfectly. This particular item is very inexpensive. You can start this generator in every condition. It is easy to start this generator. 
Natural Gas Generator1900$-5000$This generator used petroleum or propane to produce power. And it works as other generator model. It has most efficient and long term durability. It is so much durable because you can store this natural gas anywhere you want like in below ground tanks. Natural gas is a virtually never ending supply. This type of generator never get out of supply because of you can get it every day. This gas is inexpensive and very pure. On the other hand using this thing reduces your cost when you use it on your home. Because you`re using it by your utility. There is no chance it can makes your pocket zero. 
Gasoline Generator500$-3000$Gas generator is most common types of generator of all time. It is very popular because you can get gas whenever you want and you don’t wait for it. It is kind of less expensive than other generator. This kind of generator is small in size. So it is easy to use and you can choose according to your need. 

Why my generator is not working:

  • Reduce of magnetism:

There is a very common question in every generator user is that, ”my generator is not working”. There is some reason behind it. And all of them are important to know. But the most Important and particular reason is reduce of magnetism. When there is only little magnet left, from the last time that is called residual magnetism. When any generator lost its magnet, they cannot produce power at the starting point. There is some reason to lost magnet from the generator. If you don’t use your generator for a long time, than the magnet maybe lost. Or it can be lost when there is no load in there for a long time. Another way of losing magnet is, shut off the generator with load connected.

  • Low in oil: Oil is important thing to run a generator. So if you have low oil in generator you can`t run it properly.
  • The choke lever: Choke lever is an important thing. When you start the generator you need to keep it on closed and at the time of startup you need to open it. It can be found in many places. Differ by the generator brands. Than you have press the button of ON/OPEN/RUN. But if it was working for a while than the choke must be on RUNswitch.
  • Fuel Valve: Sometime we see gas tank is totally full but generator is not working. So what`s the reason behind it? So if you ever see this kind of problem first of all you have to check the fuel tank. If there is no fuel than that’s the reason behind generators not working. So for fix this problem you have to open the fuel tank. If it is open and problem is still on than you need to open vacuum relief valve.After that you will see generator started to produce power.
  • Spark plug: There is another way, for that generator can be stop working. That is unplugging of spark plug. If spark plug loose its place or unplugged anyway you cannot start your generator. Because it controls the wire which is running engines body oil sensor.

These are some main reason for that your generator is not working.

How to solve these problems

To solve these first of all you need to know about your machine. It is frustrated that you have own the machine but you don’t know how to run it. There are many way that you can solve your problems. They are

  1. Battery Method: Find outre gulator of the generator. Unplug two wires which are connected to generator brush. one is red and another is black or white. Connect black or white to the generator battery. Plug in light, turn on generator switch and start the motor. Connect the battery (red cable) to the red wire on the terminals for three seconds. Remove your wires. Replace it by plug. The generator will power again.
  2. Electric drill method: The reason is electric motor in the drill act as a small generator when spun back. The magnets in the drill’s motor induce a voltage into the motor winding. From there it goes into power winding of the stator. The voltage going through the power winding creates a magnetic field which is intensified due to the iron core of the stator laminations. The rotor intersects this magnetic field as it is. spun past the power winding, thus inducing a voltage in the rotor winding. Once current flow is present in the rotor winding the rotor has been flashed.
Difference Between a Generator and an Alternator

Difference between Generator and alternator

Generator is machine which is mixture of engine and genset. On the other hand alternator is an electronic generator which is converting energies form different current. Let us see all the difference between them by this chart:

Topic GeneratorAlternator
OutputA generator can produce either alternative current or direct current.Alternator only produced alternative current.
EfficiencyYou can find less efficiency in generator.You can find more efficiency in alternator
Armature procedureYou can find armature procedure in this. And that is rotating.Alternator has stationary armature movement
EnergyGenerator uses all the energy the produced. So for that they can reserve energy.Alternator only use the energy they need
Magnetic FieldMagnetic field is fixed inside the armature spins.Magnetic field is rotating inside the armature stator.
Supply(Input)They take supply from the rotor.Alternator takes supply form the stator.
VoltageGenerator produced voltage when they need it.Alternator produced voltage whenever they want.
SizeGenerator is bigger in size.Alternator is smaller in size.
UsesGenerator mainly use in produce large scale energyIt is used in auto mobile industry mainly.

Final Word

Generator is one of the most important usable things in today`s era. Without it you cannot do your important work when electricity cuts off. There are many reasons behind a not working generator. But for a better service and help you need to know about machine very briefly. Then, it will be easier and time worthy for you and your company. On the other hand there are several differences between Generator and Alternator.  In this article we tried to tell you about that. If you read this article perfectly than you can understand about the problems and solutions. The gasless generator is one of the best kind of generator.

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