Best Inverter Generator For 2021

Technology is considered a blessing for mankind. Throughout this facility, there are some of the greatest inventions that make life easier and comfortable than the previous times. The inverter generator is one of those contributions that have a successful demand from its debating time.

When people understood the necessity of electricity at every place, the demand for inverter generators got increased. This is the reason, that the generators now get seen in most of the places. Besides, the inverter generators hold a compact sizing that delivers an easy carrying and instant power supply.

 Whenever there is any shorten of electricity, the generator can easily provide the service and activate those devices. Whenever the importunity of inverter generators got higher, there are a lot of companies with their own devices in this sector to hold the marketplace. So this article will be a brief discussion about the best inverter generator and some of the models.

Hope that everyone will enjoy the article and feel it worthy to read. Here’s the listing getting started with the related information.

What The Inverter Generator Actually is

A lot of people may know about the generator that contains a big size and shape and can run a different types of electronic devices very easily. But the majority of them don’t have a clear idea or know about the inverter generator. It is actually a member of the generator category that comes in small size and shape. Even with the small sizing, it can supply a good amount of power to the other devices.

In terms of their proper using ability, they took place for the moderate electrical areas that come with some typical devices. For example, some household electrical devices, or some operating systems of a commercial site can be taken under the inverter generator. Besides, it helps to transform the Direct Current power into the Alternating Current power with the maximum frequency. The current can be applied and used manually through the generator as it gets used for storing.

The smaller sized construction with a quiet operating system makes this generator applicable to use in most of the areas. Besides being very compact to use, these inverter generators don’t require any frequent fueling process. All these are the valid reasons that increase the using demand of the generator at most places.

So here is a listing given below that shows some great models of inverter generators with their description and other important factors.

1. Champion Power 100520 8750-Watt Inverter

The listing has been started with a well-known brand and its generator. It’s a great power delivering machine that is loaded with all the essential features and qualities. The entire inverter holds some good quality material that significantly provides good performance and works as an alternative source of electricity.

It can generate a great electric power of 8750 starting watts and can run for 7500 watts. This one is the moderate version of this inverter as there are some other variants are available in it with more power input. With great quality and ability, this inverter produces a clean and fresh power supply that is enough suitable to run any electronic object.

As some inverters require a spinning start or some other critical type starting process, the Champion Power inverter contains a push start that can easily active this machine within few moments. The power source of this inverter is the gasoline that is easy to found and also safe for the generator.

If there is a necessity for emergency backup in the home or any commercial sites, this inverter is a great choice to use. 4200cc four-stroke engine is perfect enough to run a perfect sized business area without even making any higher noise. With all these great and advanced features, this inverter generator is surely one of the worthy ones to use.


Factors  Details
Manufactured by  Champion Power Equipment
Size dimension  26.6 X 25.6 X 23 inches
Output outage  7000 Watts
Total runtime  More than 15 hours
Operating type  Run through gasoline
Total weight  70.5Kg
Tank capacity  15 litres
Starting process  The electrical push-button system
VariantsA total of 8 different models are available including different engine power and starting process

Key Features about specification

This great machine is manufactured by Champion Power Equipment, a great company that is known for its high quality and best products

A perfect sizing that is applicable for any kind of area

A total output of 7000 watts is enough powerful and suitable for running a different kinds of machines or even houses

Can easily cover up almost a day as the backup electricity that is great

Gasoline operating system is suitable and worthy in budget and easy finding ability

The weight of this generator is comparatively lower than the other ones

For a good tank capacity, the inverter doesn’t require a frequent fueling system for sure

Very easy starting process just through a little button pushing that delivers an effortless launching pattern

Lots of models are available along with various engine power and starting process.

  • A functional and worthy inverter generator from every angle.
  • The latest open inverter design delivers a 25% lighter weighted generator compared to the others.
  • Active electrical and switching starting process that makes the inverter use to start up. The cold start technology is easy to start up in cold areas.
  • A very lower operating sound of 72 decibels is appropriate compared to the sizing.
  • Promising commitment from the company about service and after sell performance.
  • A great running time that can easily cover up for a day-long operation.
  • Suitable to run any size and type of electronic items as the inverter delivers the exact required power.
  • Sophisticated and engraved user manual into the machine with visible control panel.
  • The single colour format may create an issue for some sensitive users.

2. WEN 56235i Portable Generator

This beautiful looking machine belongs to WEN that has a compact shape and is known for great portability. There are a lot of inverter generators available that come with an easy carrying system. It is one of them. To generate a levelled power output with an easy supplying system, the WEN 56235i can take place in anyone’s choice list.

A great thing about this generator is its additional supplying items and the working process. At the first time of appearance, the unique thing that attracts eyesight is the sizing of this generator. If it gets compared to any electrical item, it is almost the similar size as a television! Isn’t it cool?

For this sizing, it can be carried very easily from one place to another to run the machines. 2350 watts is the starting input of this inverter that later provides 1900 watts of output as the electric supply. As a smaller sized and user-friendly inverter, the power delivery is quite good and sufficient. Though it is not worthy and appropriate for the bigger sized electronic items, it will appear perfect to operate and charge up laptops, mobile phones, house lamps etc.

Another great thing about this generator is the operating sound at all! Yes, that is true. Though the inverter generators produce the least amount of sound during the running times, the WEN 56235i inverter is smart enough that can sound lower than having conversations. There is definitely no reason to have this little machine in houses, as they are a great source of emergency output.


Factors  Details
Total weight  17.5Kg
Engine type  79cc 4-stroke engine
ColourThe entire body holds the black colour with an orange handling area
Size dimension  17.3 X 11.5 X 17.5 inches
Maximum power output  1900 watts
Tank capacity3.7 litres  
Total running timeAlmost 11 hours with a fully loaded tank

Key Features about specification

Enough light in weight that can be carried by a single person

The 4-stroke 79cc engine can generate good power compared to the sizing

Rich and standard colour combination that is enough perfect to deliver a premium vibe

Perfect size measurement that ensures the best portability

Can generate a good amount of power compared to the sizing

Suitable fuel capacity related to the sizing and power

Half-day power backup ability with full loaded fueling

  • A great inverter machine for emergency backup and portability.
  • Very low in weight that helps to carry easily at any place.
  • Operating time produces the sound of only 51 decibels that remain very silent for any area.
  • Appropriate for the moderate type of electrical devices to charge up and use.
  • Advanced fuel shutoff technology remains the operational time stable for the last drop of fuel from the carburettor.
  • Require very low maintenance compared to the other inverters as it holds the plug and plays operating nature.
  • High performing eco feature saves fuel and performs with a lower fuel rate
  • There is no wheeling system from the lower area into this inverter. It may create difficulty to carry by some of the users.

3. GENERAC 76711 portable inverter

It’s a perfect looking inverter produced by the Generac Company that appear in compact sizing. All the things that are needed in a perfect inverter are available in this one. The enclosed design and durable construction allow this inverter to carry and use for any kind of area. In terms of the shape, it is the combination of square and round shape design that may look a little bit different yet very efficient in performance.

The front sided area comes with the instrument gauge that contains all the essential functions of the inverter. Three different lighting modes show the capacity and condition of fuel level with the emergency low light indicator. Require the 1200 watts for the starting process that come down for the stable 1000 watts of operating power.

Even though the power output is not suitable enough, but it can be appropriate for any smaller sized devices that run through electricity. Besides, it can be carried very easily from one place to another as it has a good low weight. So no worry about portability. From the entire part along with the features, this inverter generator is surely a friendly one for the housing areas.


Factors  Details
Size dimension  18.5 X 10.2 X 15.7 inches
Total weight  16.5 kg
Operating output power  1000 watts
VariantsAvailable in a total of 7 different models. Each of them contains some additional features
Require voltage  120 volts 
Colour  Combination of orange and black

Key Features about specification

The sizing of this generator delivers easy carrying and portability

Very light in weight that helps to carry even with a single hand

Operating output power is quite well and good judging on the sizing

Variety of the models contain different types of features that are enough advanced

120 volts is the common voltage rate to operate that is available in every area

Both orange and black colours look premium and beautiful that suit the machine

  • One of the best inverters for portability as it has a perfect size and weight ratio.
  • No chance of having a loud operating sound for the enclosed construction area.
  • Advanced True Power Technology delivers an accurate amount of stable and fresh power depending on the device.
  • There is an economy switch into the inverter that controls the speed and power of the engine and save fuel.
  • Functional and active indicator lights show the fuel rate and the accurate condition of the engine during the running time. Even if there is an internal problem, it will blink the light.
  • Upper sided fueling area is not safe enough for use as there is no locking system.

4.HONDA Portable Inverter Generator

Everybody knows Honda. The famous and well-known company in the world that have some outstanding and best automobile items. Honda has a great contribution in the motorbike segment that is now very well known for its emergency power sources. They have a smart inverter that can easily go for any home appliances or moderate devices. From power to function, the entire inverter is loaded with the best features and items.

At the first appearance, it will show the eternal colour format of Honda that is Red with the engraved white HONDA marking. Matt black finishing from the front area makes the design more beautiful. It has a fueling system from the upper area that delivers the using ability of the generator. Many users may have a question about the performing ratio depending on the sizing. But the fact is, this inverter is perfect enough to apply for camping, travelling, housing areas, construction sites and so many others.

Just like the size, the inverter produces a very low operating sound that makes it very friendly and suitable for any kind of area. One of the best things about this inverter is, the double operating system. As it has an operating output of 2200 Watts, it can be transformed and taken to the dual output power of 4400 watts at the same! Two of the same models can be paralleled through the cable that will deliver the power output to any massive machine. So it is both the inverter and generator at the same time.

It is not left to know that, Honda has made the best quality and efficient product just like their name and fame in the market.


Size dimension16 X 20 X 11 inches  
Total weight21Kg  
Engine type121cc, 4-stroke engine  
Maximum output power  2200 watts
Required voltage120volts  
Tank capacity3.5liters  
Maximum operating timeA full tank can deliver the power for almost 9.5 hours

Key Features about specification

The sizing is good enough and suitable for the portability

With the small sizing, the weight is also good enough that help to carry easily

A powerful 121cc 4-stroke engine is the suitable one for running the machines

High output power from the inverter easily suit any high performing electronic items

Required running voltage for the inverter is easy to find everywhere

Good size of the tank that can deliver a great long standby time of operating

Even with the simple size and higher performing level, the inverter can run for almost 9.5 hours that is just unbelievable

  • A powerful machine that can generate a great amount of electricity for different areas.
  • Minimum 48 to maximum 57 decibels of operating sound. That’s very low and quiet and also neighbour friendly.
  • Unique double power feature that enables the connection of two same models with each other and works like a typical generator.
  • Functional and accurate fuel meter shows the correct oil information and overloading issue.
  • Helpful inverter technology provides stable and natural electric flow as similar as the electric service from home.
  • For all of the great features, qualities and performances, there is no bad side to describe about this inverter generator.

5. Champion Power Portable Inverter

Champion Power Company doesn’t have any headache about the sizing. Their main intention is to provide the accurate and best power supply in their products. In this regard, it is another inverter with almost the same sizing but more performance. Though the sizing of this inverter can’t be counted as the portable one, the wheels let it use easily and carry for any required area.

Just like the bigger sizing, the performing rate of this inverter is also great by itself. This beast can produce the output power of 3000 watts that can easily run the entire house or any commercial site. Besides, the electric starting process of this inverter comes with the electric pushing startup. It means the operating process of this inverter is very easy to do compared to the other ones.

Equally, the controlling process is also clear to adjust and operate for the quick touch panel. It is both easy and powerful as an electric producing source. The control panel area contains all the essential plugging and switches that are necessary for the generator. Though it has a bigger size, it can deliver a soundless operating system that makes it more applicable and outstanding to use.

And the entire processes that get done by this inverter contain clear and safe power. So no worry about the devices or the home appliances to have any trouble. If the size doesn’t matters and power supply is the major requirement, this inverter generator is surely the preferable one.


Factors  Details
Size dimension  23.2 X 17.7 X 20.1 inches
Total weight  44kg
Maximum output power  3000watts
Fueling system  LPG, Gasoline
Engine displacement  212cc, 4-stroke engine
Operating time  14 hours

Key Features about specification

The size dimension is perfect enough considering the other useful features

Perfect weight ratio according to the size as it has powerful performing ability

Strong power delivery is suitable for home and construction areas

Can be operated through both the LPG and Gasoline fuel system

A functional 212cc engine is preferable for high performing backup

Very long time working ability of almost half day

  • A powerful machine that can deliver 3000watts of output, perfect enough for the household outlets and commercial areas.
  • A low operating sound of 61 decibels allows friendly and calm using ability for any area.
  • Both the LPS and Gasoline can be applied for running the generator as it has a dual fuel system.
  • Functional quick touch panel shows all the essential terms and condition that is related during the using time.
  • The company provides all the essential and related items with the entire inverter packaging.
  • Additional parallel kit system allows dual inverter connecting system and increases the output for bigger projects.
  • Though the inverter has a maximum output, it is a little bit bigger. Sizing may create an issue for some sensitive users.

6. HONDA EB220iTAG Portable Inverter Generator

Back again in Honda and their finest products. Honda has not left any negative features and sides in their inverter generators that make them worthy of use. This one is almost the same thing compared to the previous one. The design, sizing, pattern seem much similar whereas there are some differences between these two models.

To use in job sites or any commercial areas, the EB220iTAG model has been launched for the users. It has been declared that this model can deliver 10% more power output comparing to the previous model. Especially for those areas, where the industrial tools are mandatory to run for a long time, this inverter can fulfil the requirement by supplying the power.

Just like the great performance, it comes in a smaller shape and low weight that ensures its portability and easy carrying system. Honda is always known for its best fuel efficiency. A similar thing also reflects on this inverter generator as it has been declared to use for almost 8.5 hours with half fuel loading.

Whenever the tank is low for fuel, the indicator lights can simply give notifies about fueling up which is surely a life-saving turn. Just like the previous model of Honda, this one is also worthy and valued for buying. No matter how the area is, if the inverter can take the load, it will surely deliver its best performance.


Factors  Details
Size dimension  20.98 X 12.24 X 19.72 inches
Total weight  24.3kg
Engine displacement  121cc 4-stroke engine
Fuel capacity  3.5liters
Maximum operating power  2200 watts
ModelsAvailable in total 3 different models based on required areas
Required operating voltage  120volts
Operating timeMaximum 8 hours with half a gallon of fuel

Key Features about specification

Very friendly and portable sizing that can be placed in a single corner

A moderate level of weight is helpful to carry from one place to another

Powerful 121cc 4-stroke engine that has a good power output

Tank capacity is perfect enough based on the entire sizing

A strong power delivery that is applicable for mid-level tools

Three different sizes depending on the area and number of the sources for supplying the power

Can be used for most of the areas as the required voltage rate seem available everywhere

The perfect fuel-saving inverter that delivers more than 8 hours of performing time even with a half tank load

  • Known as one of the quietest inverters that generate the operating sound of 57 decibels only.
  • Advanced CO minder technology observes the Carbon Monoxide level from the inverter and shut down the system if the rate gets higher. As carbon monoxide gas is extremely dangerous for them.
  • Very friendly inverter in terms of fueling as it consumes a very low level of fuel to use.
  • Efficient inverter technology delivers pure and reliable power.
  • Applicable for a long time use as the external area holds durable and long-lasting material.
  • Delivers 10% of more power rather than the previous model that has been declared from the Company.
  • There’s not a single negative side available in this inverter except the fuel capacity. Fortunately, it is made with the maximum fuel-saving system.

7. Westinghouse iGen 2200 portable Inverter Generator

Colourful generators hardly get seen in the machinery category. How about a generator model with both the outstanding feature and shiny colour format? Just like the statement, this inverter generator comes in a great colour. It’s the principal thing of this inverter that catches anyone’s eyesight. And fortunately, it’s a portable inverter that can be carried to any place. Either it’s travelling or camping or any occasion in deep forest, Westinghouse generator is always ready to serve.

Let’s talk about the performance where it gets operated by a 4 stroke engine that can produce 2200 watts. The power outcome rate is suitable for any technical tools, devices or lighting items. There are two outlets of 120v and 20 amp along with two USB outlets. It means the inverter is ready for any area or project at any time.

Coming to the front area where all the instruments have been placed beautifully, the functional lights and switches are related to the entire system operation during its working process. All three of the indicating lights contain the oil percentage, the overloading issue and the ready to go signal. Besides being active in performance, this mini-sized inverter can deliver an accurate half-day operating time that may seem unreal to believe.

The most surprising thing is, it completes this long journey just with a 4.5-litre tank! So there is nothing left to explain that, it’s the best inverter in terms of fuel efficiency. Though the company claims to apply this inverter for household activities, it can surely go for more spin and using rather than the housing areas.


Factors  Details
Size dimension  19.8 X 11.4 X 17.9 inches
Total weight  20kg
ColoursAvailable in two different colours Black and blue combination and Camouflage
Engine type  80cc, 4-stroke engine
Tank capacity  4.5liters
Operating time  12 hours

Key Features about specification

A perfect example of portability that gets found in this inverter in terms of the sizing

Just like the sizing, the weight is also friendly enough for carrying from one place to another

Beautiful colour formats especially the camo one. It really looks nice and unique in an inverter

Low powered engines can provide long time services and are also suitable with the sizing

Tank capacity is perfect enough to adjust with the generator

Surprising operating time of almost half of the day even with a small tank capacity

  • Probably one of the best-looking inverters in terms of design.
  • Perfect and strong enough in power output based on the sizing.
  • Functional economy mode saves the least of fuel during usage.
  • Extremely slow in operating noise at is produces only 52 decibels.
  • High performing parallel technology allows the inverter to combine with the other models through the parallel cord. It will let the inverter work as a power supply house.
  • Very promising and committed company policy with after sell service.
  • Even though the size is simple to carry, but the functional wheels could be better for moving.

8. WEN 56380i Portable Inverter Generator

In terms of quality and performance, the inverter generators of WEN Company can’t be denied. It is even said that they are born to perform and deliver the best service. A similar thing gets reflected in their products. This is also one of those high graded machines that are known for providing emergency power backup. The total area and part of this inverter generator are loaded with some outstanding features.

A great thing about this inverter generator is, it is available in different power variants depending on the area. There is a variant available for home appliances, another one for industrial tools and so on. More power of the engine equals the bigger size. And the weight also varies on different models.

Another great feature of this inverter is the fuel shutoff system that helps to finish up the fuel from the carburettor area before it gets shut down. For this facility, this one can be listed as the extreme fuel efficiency inverter.

Even with all these great functions, the inverter provides clean and safe power to the required sources. So no chance and worry about having any kind of damages to those machines. The instrument cluster from the side area looks beautiful where all the needed functions have been given with details.

The digital reading meter contains the LED lighting that makes the inverter enough visible at night. Along with the meter, the eco mode delivers a low fuel consumption ability that helps to operate the inverter at a low fuel level and costing.

It is surely confirmed that this inverter generator is very worthy to use and apply to all the areas that are required to have emergency electricity and power backup.


Factors  Details
Total weight  99.2 pounds
Size dimension  23.2 X 18 X 20.1 inches
Engine type  212cc, 4-Stroke
Maximum power output  3800 watts
Operating timeCan run for 8.5 hours with full loaded fueling
VariantAvailable in 4 different variants that are different in power

Key Features about specification

A moderate level of weight helps to carry the generator easily from one place to another

The user-friendly size is helpful enough for carrying and best for the portability

A powerful 212cc engine can deliver a good output for the backup

Higher power delivery that seems suitable and accurate for the devices

Frequent use may create difficulties for operating the generator even though the time is perfect enough for supplying the power

4 different variants are helpful and worthy according to their required areas

  • An easy and comfortable electric starting system saves time and deliver a good performance of the generator.
  • Since the generator contains a bigger size, it comes with a very quiet operating sound of 57 decibels.
  • No worry about the sensitive and risky devices for powering up as the generator provides safe and clean power.
  • The company provides all the essential materials that are required for the upcoming operating process of the inverter.
  • Premium fuel shutoff technology increase the fuel efficiency system as the engine expense the remaining fuel from the carburettor area before it goes off.
  • High-quality EPA III material for both the internal and external area delivers the best durability.
  • Bigger sized wheels along with the collapsible hand make the generator easy to move and carry.
  • As the inverter generator hold some great features and advantages to using, there is no legit issue to explain as the bad sides.

9. Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter

Westinghouse is back again with another great inverter generator. Their main intention is to deliver the best performance and backup with their generators. That is why; they are not concerned about the sizing. Except this, the Westinghouse inverter generator is featured with all the essential and useful items by itself.

The detailing gets to start with the extreme power outage. It can produce a great power outage of 4500 watts! That’s huge in number. With a single piece of this inverter generator, an entire area can be supplied for the emergency backup. Besides this great power, it has a smart remote system startup that seems very stylish and unique.

The 120v 5-20R household duplex outlet, a 30 amp outlet and two pieces of USB outlet are the important things that come with this inverter from the company. A very unique that that hardly get seen in other inverters is the smart meter. This one comes with the functional smart meter that is rotatable and shows all the essential things such as fuel level, power output rate, voltage rate, total running hours etc.

Just like the performance, the inverter is a great example of advanced technology. On the other hand, the trolley shape collapsible handle from the upper area let this inverter move from one place to another very easily. As an example of portability, this inverter generator model is undoubtedly worthy to choose.


Factors  Details
Manufactured byWestinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Size dimension  24.5 X 17.5 X 20 inches
Total weight  93 pounds
Maximum output  4500Watts
Total running time  18 hours
Fuel capacity  12.5 litres

Key Features about specification

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment is the company that has manufactured this high-quality inverter. They have great fame for a very long time for their high-quality items

In terms of the sizing, it is quite good and sufficient to use

Just like the size, the weight is also enough suitable and perfect

It can produce too much power that easily suits a lot of objects and areas

An outstanding running ability of 18 hours that hardly get seen in the other inverters

A good amount of fuel space is required to run this giant machine. And the fuel rate is enough perfect and suitable

  • Very functional and detailed instrumental features from the front area.
  • Three different starting patterns including smart and quick starting.
  • Provide a very smooth and quiet sound of 52 decibels that is enough user friendly.
  • Advanced LED digital rotatable meter deliver clean and visible functions.
  • Easy to carry as it is very lightweight with a collapsible handle system.
  • iGen technology of the generator can produce clean power that is appropriate for use in any sensitive type of machinery.
  • Due to all the helpful and worthy features, this inverter generator doesn’t contain any bad sides.

10. Champion 3400 watt inverter generator

Champion is a brand that comes with all the bigger sized inverter generators. But this one is a little bit different from the others. As all of their generators hold a giant sizing, this one is containing a friendly size that allows the generator to use anywhere. In fact, it looks more beautiful than its other models. Just like the sizing, all the functions of this generator are very efficient and easy to use.

From the beginning of appearance, this generator comes with a beautiful design where the fueling system took place in the middle area. At the left and right side corners, there are two strong handles that help to move the generator very easily from one place to another.

A good thing about this generator is, it can easily run an RV air conditioner that may not be able by some other type of inverters. How cool is that? Camping in wild areas or any industrial toolkit operation, this inverter goes all of them with its best electric flow. Even with this medium sizing, it can deliver a power outage of 3100watts that is perfect enough for entire household appliances. So it is not left to explain that, this inverter is a suitable choice for the needed ones.

Above all, there is no difficulty in moving the generator from one place to another as it comes with wheels. So there is no doubt about portability and easy moving. Go for one of these before the camping season or any emergency backup system.


Factors  Details 
Size dimension  25.1 X 17.3 X 18.3 inches
Total weight  97 pounds
Fuel tank capacity  1.6 gallons
Engine type  192cc, 4-stroke
Maximum power output3100watts  
Total running timeAlmost 8 hours by the Gasoline and 15 hours by propane  
ColourCombination of black and yellow  

Key Features about specification

The medium sizing dimension helps to use this inverter generator in every area

Perfect weight ratio compared to the sizing that can be stored very easily

Just like the size, the tank capacity is perfect enough for a great time of using

Powerful 192cc engine delivers a strong emergency backup system

Can generate a good level of power with performance that is almost similar to other bigger sized inverters

Dual fueling system delivers long time performing ability for both fuel mode and can last for a long time

Black and yellow is the authorized colour for the inverter that delivers a premium vibe

  • A perfect sized inverter generator with good power and performance.
  • The electronic push start system provides a very easy starting and shut down process.
  • Two of the same models can be combined through the adapter and convert into a great powerhouse.
  • Can be operated by both gasoline and propane that supply different running time.
  • Advanced low oil shutting off system activates whenever the inverter runs on a low fueling rate. Using inverters in a low level of fuel is enough risky and harmful.
  • 59 decibels of noise level is quite enough to house household items or any camping sites.
  • Very responsive and promising commitment from the company. So no doubt about the after sell service.
  • Functional cold start technology let the inverter go for a quick starting process even in cold areas.
  • Though the inverter comes with functional wheels, a functional handle could be easier to use and move.

11. Pulsar 52G19N Portable Inverter Generator

A generator from the future, the statement that might suit this inverter generator. But the most interesting fact about this inverter generator is, it almost looks like a giant-sized engine oil container or suitcase. Because the entire shape contains the same design. Fueling cap from the front upper area and a handle just behind, totally similar to both the container and the suitcase.

No matter how the shape is, it is surely a great machine for the perfect storing and also for the easy using ability. As the size is small, it’s a simple fact that this inverter will produce a low powering rate. Some small types of devices such as smartphones, laptops, power banks etc are suitable to charge up through this inverter.

Besides all, it can be carried easily from one place to another for the strong and easy gripping handle from the upper area. Besides, the parallel technology of this generator helps to switch it for a dual powering mode that is very beneficial and worthy to use. The front sided placed instrument area contains all the essential switches and modes that is enough helpful as an inverter generator. Those who love to have a perfect emergency power backup within a small shape can surely prefer Pulsar 52G19N in their listing.


Factors  Details
Manufactured by  Pulsar
Size dimension19.77 inches X 11.23  X 17.91 inches
Total weight47 pounds  
Required operating power120 volts  
Maximum operating output  1800 watts
Engine type  80cc single-cylinder,4-stroke engine
Total tank capacity1.18 gallons  
Total operating time  A full loaded tank can deliver almost 12 hours of running ability

Key Features about specification

Pulsar is the brand that has manufactured this inverter generator. They are a known brand for their high-quality inverter models

The grey colour of this inverter generator looks very premium and deliver a standard vibe

Sizing of this generator reveals that it is a true storage-friendly generator to use any place

Just like the sizing, the weight is also perfect enough to carry and use easily

Required operating power is available everywhere that let this inverter get activated from any electrical circuit

The maximum power delivery rate of this generator is enough suitable and perfect in terms of the size

Powerful 80cc 4-stroke engine left with no objection of delivering the performance

An accurate tank capacity measuring the size. It contains a good rate of fueling

Very friendly fuel to operate ratio that is enough fuel-efficient and perfect to use

  • One of the best looking and advanced types of design. All the essential things are perfectly included.
  • Sine WAVE technology of this inverter deliver stable and clean power for the laptop, cell phones etc.
  • Produce a very low sound of almost 55 decibels that make the inverter suitable for home areas or any occasion.
  • Though the fuel capacity is simple, it can easily deliver a using ability of around 6 hours with the single tank loading.
  • Responsive oil sensors can read the actual condition and oil rate and indicate through the lighting.
  • Two different variants with different power watts are available considering the user’s demand.
  • The parallel kit adjusting process delivers double power mode and performance.
  • Even though the sizing is enough compact and handy, some sensitive users may not think the generator enough helpful to use.

12. Briggs Stratton P2400 Inverter Generator

Most people may not have an idea about this inverter. Even the name of this brand is not common to all. But in reality, it’s one of the best inverter generators. The entire inverter generator is loaded with some outstanding features from the top to bottom. Just like the performance, the colour combination is also very great that might be not seen in the other ones.

In terms of the size and design, it’s quite unique and different from the others. The first great thing about this inverter is, it has inverter technology that delivers a smooth and stable power supply for smart gadgets. Besides the power supply, the inverter generator provides a noise-free operating system for heavy-duty sealed construction. The instrument cluster from the front sided area seem very premium and look eye-catchy as it holds the red colour.

Coming to the performing ability, this compact looked generator can produce 1800 wattage of output. It’s good enough comparing the sizing and engine capacity. USB port system with the functional fuel meter into the instrument gauge left no chance of using this generator for any moderate household items. Even if the party took place in a deep jungle, there’s no problem in performing if the Briggs Stratton is there.


Factors  Details
Size dimension  20.04 X 12.24 X 17.36 inches
Total weight  56.5 pounds
Available colour  Combination of black red and grey
Maximum operating output  1800 wattage
VariantsAvailable in two different variant 2200 watts and 2400 watts
Engine type79cc 4 stroke engine  

Key Features about specification

A perfect size that let this inverter use as the portable one

Suitable weight measurement just like the sizing which helps to carry the generator very easily

A very beautiful colour combination as the body contains different colour parts for different areas

Maximum power output is quite good and enough for the small-sized devices

Two types of models are different in the power outage that deliver an easy choosing ability to the users

The engine is powerful enough that can easily produce a good amount of energy

  • A great looking inverter in terms of design and features.
  • The clear and visible monitoring system shows the actual oil rate with indicator light.
  • The least amount of operating sound for the sealed and highly built protective shell.
  • Parallel connecting mode helps to increase the power with the dual connection of the inverter.
  • Very efficient CO shut down technology that stops the operation whenever the carbon monoxide level of the inverter gets increased.
  • Smart inverter technology delivers the accurate and required output of the device. So no chance of having any distraction or issues.
  • Fuel tank capacity could be given in a bigger size that may increase the using time.

13. Craftsman Inverter Generator

Who doesn’t know the Craftsman Company? A company that has a good demand for their high-quality products and performance. This inverter generator also belongs to the Craftsman. So there is definitely no doubt about the performance. It’s a small-sized inverter with some great advantages of using. As the company has claimed, this inverter generator is made for the best portability. The statement has a complete similarity with the performance.

At the first look of this generator, there is a handle that took place in the upper area that can be carried by a single hand. The fueling cap is just at the side of the handle that holds 1.06 gallons of fuel capacitive tank. With a full tank loaded, it can be operated for a good long time. Heading towards the instrument board, all of the essential items have been placed perfectly that get used for different purposes.

On the other hand, the functions and the starting process are very easy that let this generator use any area or purpose. Even with a small size, the inverter can produce 2300 watts of operating output and 3000as the running watts limitation. So no doubt about the great power and performance. Those who have the only intention of using and backups will surely love this inverter generator from Craftsman.


Factors  Details
Brand  Craftsman
Size dimension  22.2 X 13.3 X 18.4 inches
Weight  24.23 pounds
Color  Combination of red and black
Maximum power output  2300 watts
Fuel tank capacity  1.06 gallons
Fuel type  Gasoline

Key Features about specification

Craftsman is a popular brand in the whole world for their finest and durable electronic items

A small sized inverter generator that is very easy to carry and use

Very low in weight that offers a single hand carrying ability

The colour combination of red and black looks beautiful and premium in appearance

Even with the small size, it can deliver a maximum output of 2300 watts that is enough helpful

Small-sized fuel tanks make the carrying ability easier than the others

Gasoline is the main operating source of this inverter. It is available in every area

Inverter Generator

Steps that can be followed and observe as the buying guide

Everyone wants to make their purchase successful by having the best one among all. To fulfil the requirement, they must have to know about the essential terms that are related to the product. What should the item have to contain and what are the functions that are needed, is the main intention that comes under the buying guide. So following the buying guide seems worthy enough. There are also some buying guides related to the inverter generator. All of them have been given down:

Durable engine: The very first thing that has to notice while buying the inverter is the engine. As it helps to run the entire process and deliver power to the devices, the engine must have to contain some good qualities.

A powerful engine helps to remain stable in performance for long time usage. That means, there is no issue of damage or any internal problems because of the high performing engine. Besides, a durable engine also ensures good power and perform well which is the main desired thing from a generator.

Less maintenance cost: Every expensive thing require good costing. But the best one gets recognized with the lowest cost that may not get seen everywhere. As many users desire to buy the inverter generators for long time usage, they don’t have a maintenance intention at all. For those issues, an inverter generator at a low cost can be a great choice to use, as they cost a lot for maintenance.

Easy using process: Inverter generators are fully automatic to control. Starting up, fueling and connecting with the devices is the main activity for them. But some types of inverter generators follow the same process but require some difficult movements. It is because they get provided in the same pattern from the production house.

But it appears a little bit messy for some users to activate and use the generator. Although they contain extremely good features, the users don’t feel worthy enough for the troubling user manual. In that case, make sure to go for an inverter generator that comes with a simple using pattern.

Better portability: Inverter generators contain a small size comparing the other ones. So it is obvious that they will be getting used as a portable ones. They get attached to the functional wheels and handle as the principal feature for their portability. But all of the inverter generators are not good for portability.

They might have functional wheels, but don’t work great all the time. As a result, they become jammed or broken down even in a single push. Wheels are also very important as well as the engine. To achieve this facility, don’t forget to go for the inverter generators that have can assure an easy and collapsible handle with perfect working wheels.

Higher performing wattage: Inverter generators are not a great performer from the engine quality. The wattage is surely more important than anything. As it delivers the electricity flow into the devices, a lower wattage rate can be the reason for the damages.

Besides, it will lose the performance rate within few times and deliver an unstable flow. Just like the low wattage, higher wattage is as well as very harmful to the devices. This is an essential reason to observe whether the inverter generator delivers the proper wattage or not. And if it doesn’t, it will be a good decision to avoid the generator.

Visible and clear instrument cluster: Almost all of the inverter generators come with a guiding meter. Either it is big or small in shape; it delivers almost the same information in all of them. In fact, some models come with some additional features in their generators that might not get seen in others.

Basically, it doesn’t matter what the meter contains if it is not clear enough for visibility. There are such types of models that may get found with low visibility from the meter area. It is not an issue as the company has more intention in performance rather than the other kinds of stuff. But as a beginner, it will be a good decision to avoid the inverter generator that comes with a low visible meter.

Duel fueling: Inverter generators run in two different fuels. One of them is the gas and the other one is propane. Some of the inverter models can be run by both types of fueling. Surprisingly, both of the fuels work the same in performance that may have a few changes in the operating time.

But the best decision will be to go for an inverter generator with a dual fueling system. It helps to deliver the easy availability of fuel and good timing at the same time. That can be another great reason to go for an inverter generator with double fueling up ability.

Lower operating sound: It is obvious to have sounds in the inverter generators. Some produce good noises whereas some other generators are very quiet in action. More or less, the lower sounded generators get chosen by users. In fact, lower operating sounds remain very friendly for the situation and area. So it can be called a great reason to go for the generator with low operating sound.

Tank capacity: More fuel, more power. And this facility will be found from a great tank capacity. In fact, the tank capacity can able to provide a continuous using mode for a long time. As there are some areas where fueling is a troubling issue, the bigger tank size can avoid the issue for a long time and keep the inverter generator in the same condition.

Additional features: Some additional features for the inverter generator seem enough worthy and perfect as they are enough functional and versatile to use. On the other hand, they can be considered as life-saving instruments too.

Even though they are sometimes hard to find out without a long time using, but some generators appear visible with those features that make them worthy enough to use. So if there is an inverter generator with some useful features, don’t make any compromise to go for that unit.

Which is a more powerful inverter or generator

Both of them are powerful in their segments. In terms of comparison, the generator produces a raw power supply that doesn’t provide the same and stable wattage all the time. On the other hand, the inverter is known for producing clean electricity flow and reliable power. So generator can be called the powerful one.

Why is an inverter generator better

It is better because of its smooth and stable power producing ability. As the engine of the inverter accelerates up and down the engine at the required time, it delivers a clear and calm power supply. And a great thing about the inverter generator is, it doesn’t create any kind of emission or sound as some other generators create a good operating sound that is enough disturbing.

Can an inverter generator run a refrigerator

Usually, the inverter generators produce the direct battery power that later gets converted into an alternating current of 120v. This is the same volt ratio that gets applied for the household appliances. A refrigerator is a household part, it also can be run easily by the inverter. But for that operation, the inverter must have to contain a good amount of power and wattage.

How do I choose the right generator

Some methods can be enough helpful to choose the right generator. And here they have been given down below:

Make sure that the generator can run for the long term without getting overheated. Heating is a simple issue for these machines. But overheating can be a great problem.

Check out how much fuel it consumes within time. If the consumption rate is low but delivers a good  operating time, it can be chosen for sure

Check the meters if they are functional and active or not. If the meter reading is accurate with the performance, it can be a good decision to go for the generator

Final words

So this article has shown some of the models under the best inverter generator listing. All of the models were quite good and efficient in their level of performance. Each one of them holds a different size and shape rather than the others. Except for a single intention of delivering clean and fresh output power.

There was a time once, when the household items, industrial tools, camping pieces of stuff were hard enough to run and apply for the lack of power. This problem is now solved as the inverter generators are fulfilling the necessity. No, it’s not remaining to explain that, these inverter generators are the true friend during the emergency periods. Just plug in the essential items and watch how the thing operates them even in a zero electricity area.

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