Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup Reviews For 2021

In the modern era, an inverter generator is the most effective and efficient machine. It produces current that can use in households and more. It can store current and supply to fulfill people’s needs.  There has a lot of generators in the market. All are not cost-effective. A large number of people use generators in their homes. The inverter generators are cost-effective. It is made with artificial technology. It supplies current according to human needs. So, over current supply is less likely to cause damage.

People cannot able to recognize the inverter generator and regular generator. They can understand the difference between them. The article will make on best inverter generator for home backup.  This article will help people to overcome their confusion.

What Is Inverter Generator

An inverter generator is a machine that can produce continuous power for a household.  Not only power produce but it also can store power. People can use direct current from this generator for home appliances. But all generators are not suitable for use directly. 

The inverter generator has some ports to share current or supply current. By using those ports, people can connect directly to any home appliance. It is totally different from any other generator.  It can use safely at home. It prevents electric shocks and saves home appliances from damage.

Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup

The inverter generator is more efficient than a regular generator. People can use it safely. Some people cannot choose an effective inverter generator. We made an expert and professional team to help them. We make a list of some high quality full inverter generators. The list helps to choose the right inverter generator for the home.

1. Westinghouse WGen7500 PortableGenerator

The list is started with a nice and effective inverter generator. This generator is developed by the Westinghouse outdoor power equipment brand. People praise this brand. They have a good reputation in the worldwide market. The generator has built with 7500 watts that is enough for multi use. It also has 9500 peak watts. It is to be turned on with the key.  The running time is 11 hours. It can run for 11 hours by using 6.6-gallon fuel.

 It has two Ground fault circuit interrupters. One is the household duplex receptacle that is 5 to 20R, 210V and another is L14 to 30R 120 for twist-lock receptacle. All outer of this generator have rubber covers to ensure safety.  The generator is made with a 12volt battery, user manual, tool kit, and oil funnel. The engine is made with 420 cubic centimeters that have low lasting cast iron sleeve and also an automatic low oil shutdown system. The engine is developed 4 stroke type. The fuel type is gasoline. It is designed with CARB compliant and transfer switch ready color.


TypeInverter generator
BrandWestinghouse outdoor power equipment
ColorCompliant and transfer switch ready
Wattage7500 watts
Voltage12 volts
Engine type4 stroke
Engine420 cubic centimeters
Running time11 hours
Fuel typeGasoline
Product dimension27.2 x 26.1 x 26 inches
Product weight192 pounds
  • The engine is made with AI technology.
  • It can use both a push button and a remote key.
  • It is very easy to maintenance.
  • People will get 3-year limited service from the company.
  • Here is not any manufacturing issue.

2. DuroMax XP4850EH Generator-4850 Watt Gas or Propane

This is a wonderful inverter generator.  This is made with the DuroMax brand. It is constructed at 3850 watts. It is enough to handle heavy loads. It has a dual fuel system. People can use both gasoline and propane. It is a good chance for people. They can use any one of them. It has a 210cc OHV engine that is a workhouse.

This workhouse can supply current in multiple jobs.  By using this engine, they can run the heavy home appliance and also heavy duty power tools. The engine gets most of the power from 120 volt receptacles.  The Engine has 4 strokes and 60 Hz frequency. The maximum voltage is 120 Volts that is enough for power produce and supply.  The limitation of the fuel tank is 3.96 gallons. It is designed with green color.


TypeInverter generator
Wattage3850 watts
Voltage120 volts
Engine type4 stroke
Frequency60 Hz
Fuel typeDual Fuel
Tank Volume3.96 Gallons
  • People can use lights, refrigerators, home air conditions, and also high power tools by this generator.
  • All are constructed with metal.
  • This generator is perfect for RVs.
  • Our expert team could not find any major issues.

3. Honda EB2200iTAG 2200-Watt

 This is a portable inverter generator. The portable inverter is constructed by the Honda brand. This is a multinational brand. Their popularity is increasing day by day in the whole world.  The model number is EB2200iTAG.

It is an updated model. It can easily deliver 10% more power than the previous EB2000 Inverter. It is made with Ai technology.  It has Co-Minder technology also. This co minder notices the Carbon monoxide levels. When the CO level is down, then the generator will shut down automatically. It can supply power in industrial tools.  It is designed with red color.

The GXR 120 is able to deliver quiet, smooth, and fuel efficiency. It can run within 48 to 57 dB which cannot make more noise. The voltage limit is 120 volts that are perfect for several uses. The fuel tank limit is 0.95 gallons. The engine size is 121 cubic centimeters.


TypeInverter Generator
Voltage120 volts
Engine Displacement121 cubic centimeters
Tank volume0.95 gallons
Power sourceCorded- electric
Horsepower3.7 hp
Sound level57 dB
Warranty4 years
Product dimension20.98 x 12.24 x 19. 72 inches
Product weight53.6 pounds
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It can be used anywhere for its good portability.
  • It is a lightweight package.
  • People will get 3 years warranty service.
  • In the generator have no any defects.

4. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

 This is a portable power station that is built with the jackery brand.   It is constructed with a lithium-ion battery.  It has 500 watts that are ready to supply power in many small home appliances like a mini-fridge, air pump, projector, and lamp light. It has 1 AC outlet, 3 USB-A ports, 2 Dc ports, and also 1 car port.  

The power source of this generator is AC, Car port, and Solar panel. The solar panel is a special feature. The generator can take power with the solar panel from the sunlight. The voltage level of this portable generator is 110 volt. The voltage label is enough for use mini devices.


TypeInverter Generator
Wattage500 watts
Voltage110 volts
BatteryLithium-ion Battery
Power sourceAC, Car ports, solar panel
Package quantity1
Dimension11.84 x 7. 5 9 x 9.20 inches
  • It is perfect for camping, road trip, and also home backup.
  • It has a solid handle that helps to carry easily.
  • It is best for a mini tour and picnic.
  • This generator is free from any type of major problems.

5. Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750

This is an awesome generator. The name of the founder is Champion power equipment. It is designed with yellow color. The generator is developed with 3800 watts. It has 2 fuel systems gasoline and propane. People can use any one system both of them. It has a low oil shut-off very useful sensor.

The engine power is 240cc that has a handy toggle switch and a battery. It has 3 types of outlets that are one 120V 30A RV for normal outlets, One 120V 30A for locking outlets, and also two 120V 20A for household outlets.  The engine has 4 strokes to produce power. It has a single cylinder.  The noise level is 23ft to 68 dBA. 


TypeInverter generator
BrandChampion power equipment
Engine type4 stroke
Engine224 cubic centimeters
Frequency60 Hz
Fuel TypeDual Fuel
Tank Volume3.4 gallons
 Battery1 specific battery
Product Dimension26 x 24. 8 x 22.9 inches
Weight122 pounds
  • It is best for home, work, play.
  • It is suitable for use with big tools.
  • It is very durable.
  • It may start problems after using 240 hours.

6. Champion Power Equipment 100519 6250-Watt 

This is another well generator of Champion power equipment brand.  It is a 6250 watts generator that can use in a big industry. It is designed with Quiet technology color. The noise level is 69 dba. It can run for 12.5 hours with gasoline. It has an advanced open frame that is very strong. It is 50% quieter and 20% weightless than 5000 watt generator.  

It is suitable for sensitive electronics and also saves fuel. The frequency is 60Hz.  The generator comes with a 6250 watt inverter, 1 flexible oil funnel, USB adaptor, battery charging case, and wheel kit. All are necessary parts.  


TypeInverter generator
BrandChampion power equipment
Wattage6250 watts
ColorQuiet technology
Runtime12 hours
Fuel typeGasoline
Product dimension26.6 x 25.6 x 23.7 inches
Product weight121 pounds
  • The manufacturer offers 3 years limited warranty.
  • It has a solid handle.
  • It has 2 wheels that help to move anywhere.
  • Here are not any electrical and manufacturing defects.

7. WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

This is gas powered portable inverter generator. This is made by the WEN brand.   It is a 1600 watts inverter. It can supply only mini home appliances.  It has an OHV engine that is EPA III and CARB compliments 79.7. The engine has 4 strokes that help to produce 2000 surge and 1600 rated watts. It has a battery of 120 volts.

It has three-prong 120V receptacles, one 12vDc, and also one 5 V USB port. All are included in the inverter. The inverter is designed in black and orange.  It is a part ofBest inverter generator for home backup


TypeInverter generator
ColorBlack and Orange
Wattage1600 watts
Voltage120 volts
Engine type4 stroke
Engine displacement79.7 cubic centimeters
Output wattage2000 watts
Tank volume1 Gallon
Product Dimension18 x 11 x 18 inches
Product weight48 pounds
  • It is suitable for construction sites and power outages.
  • This can protect from the damage to their mobile, television and computer.
  • We have not found any issues with the inverter.

8. Generac 7127 iQ3500-3500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator 

This is a small inverter that is constructed by the Generac brand. This is decorated with orange and black color.  It is made with 3500 watts.  It is made with a durable steel enclosure and clean inverter power.  It has 16% more power than Honda. It is featuring with rush technology.  

The Ac frequency is 60 Hz. It has a smart digital LCD and also has a digital wattage meter. People can see the fuel level on the display. It has a 120-volt large battery.  It has three operations settings that are start, stop and run.


TypeInverter generator
Wattage3500 watts
ColorOrange, black
Voltage120 volts
Frequency60 Hz
Product Dimension23.7 x 18 x 21.7 inches
Product weight109.1 pounds
  • It has different USB ports that are used to charge the mobile, tablet.
  • The size is perfect for carrying Jobsite and workplaces.
  • After using some time, it may be difficult to start the generator.

9. Champion 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

This is a 2000 watt portable inverter. The Champion Power Equipment is the founder brand of this generator. The portable inverter is designed with the Ultralight color. It is the only lightweight inverter of this company. It can run for 11.5 hours.  The tank volume of the inverter is 1.05 gallons. It has two covered 120V 20 A for household outlets.


TypeInverter generator
BrandChampion Power equipment
Wattage2000 watt
Engine type4 stroke
Engine Displacement79 cubic centimeters
Frequency60 Hz
Output wattage2000 watt
Fuel typeGasoline
Tank Volume1.05 gallons
Product Dimension17.3 x 11.5 x 17.7 inches
Product weight39.5 pounds
  • It can use for camping and home necessary electronics tools.
  • People will get free lifetime technical support with the inverter.
  • It is impossible to run this generator with propane.

10. Westinghouse Outdoor Portable Generator – WGen3600

This generator is constructed with the Westinghouse Outdoor power equipment.  It has a 3600 watt capacity.  It is decor with the gas-powered, CARB compliant.  The fuel limit is 4 gallons.  It can run 13.5 hours with a full tank. it has 3 receptacles that are one 5-20R that is for household,

one RV –ready TT- 30R 3- Amp and one L50 30R 30 Amp.  The generator comes with an oil funnel, tool kit, user manual, and a box.  The engine is constructed with a cast iron sleeve that is long lasted.


TypeInverter generator
BrandWestinghouse Outdoor power equipment
Wattage3600 watts
ColorGas Powered, CARB compliant
Voltage120 volts
Engine type4 stroke
Engine displacement212 Cubic centimeters
Fuel typeGasoline
Tank volume4 gallons
Product Dimension23.3 x 22.8 x 21.3 inches
Product weight107 pounds
  • This generator can be used for large machines and many home appliances.
  • It is very easy to start.
  • There is a not constructed defect. People have to buy from a good seller.
Inverter Generator for Home

Buying Guide of Best Inverter Generator for Home Backup

 The buying guide helps people to know the major mistakes. People cannot buy the inverter generator for their homes or workplace. Our team is made w buying guide for peoples. The guide is made with some major elements. People usually make mistakes in these elements when it comes to buying generators. This guide helps people to buy the best inverter generator for home backup.

Wattage: Wattage is most important for an inverter generator. Depending on the wattage, people will have to run electric devices at home. If the inverter is made with low wattage power, they can use only home mini devices. They need to buy more wattage inverters to use in large workspaces. So, People should buy inverter generators depending on their usage.

Volt: It is important to have a good volt in the generator. Volts are helped to supply power to the devices.  People have to buy a good volt capacity generator.

Durability:  Durability is mandatory for all generators. Without durability, there may be damage to the generator. When people move the generator from one place to another, they can run out of hand at any time, the generator will break down if there is no durability.

Portability:  It is important to have portability in the generator. Without portability, people will not able to move the generator from one place to another place. But they have to move and carry the generator in the workplace. So, portability is the most important and necessary element for the inverter generator.

 Battery: People need to buy an inverter that has a good and more powerful battery. With a good power battery inverter, people can take it anywhere and use it for a long time.

These all are the most important elements of an inverter generator. People must verify those elements and then buy generators.

What Is The Difference Between An Inverter Generator And A Regular Generator

There has a lot of differences between regular generators and inverter generators. The differences are given below part.

ItemRegular GeneratorInverter Generator
Running time of generatorIt has a long running time because it has a large fuel tank.It has a short running time than the regular generator.
Fuel Efficiency of generatorIt has no self-adjustable rotate speed power. It has the same fuel consumption that produces different loading power.It has self-adjustable rotate Speed power. It has different loading power that reduces the fuel consumption by 20% to 40 %.
Noise The running noise of a regular generator is 90 to 110 dB that is more than an inverter generator. The running noise is lower than the regular generator that is 70dB.
Electricity Produce capabilityThe regular generator can produce more power than an inverter. generator Inverter generators can produce lower currents than regular generators.
CostLow cost than an inverter generatorHigh cost than the regular generator.

Can An Inverter Generator Power A House

The exact answer is yes. An inverter generator can power a house. People used it to get a continuous power supply.   The manufacturer made different types of inverter generators. All are not made with the same power. People can buy any inverter depend on their needs

They can go camping, traveling without any hassles. The inverter generator helps them to charge the mini devices and many more. So, we can say that an inverter generator can supply power to a house.

Can An Inverter Generator Run A Refrigerator

Yes, an inverter generator can run a refrigerator. A good and high-power inverter generator is definitely needed to run the refrigerator. The refrigerator cannot be run for long without more power generators. Need to buy a generator that has more power and can produce more power. Whether the refrigerator can be run depends on the power of a generator.

Which Is Best for Home Inverter or Generator

 It is impossible to declare best in one inverter. People will get huge types of inverters or generators. All are made with different power. People can select any one inverter depends on their taste and needs.  Not everyone’s choice will be the same.  So it is impossible to call an inverter the best. People will buy it depending on the power

Final Words

An inverter is the most effective machine for everyone. The article is made with the best inverter. In the above part, we have given a list of some quality full inverter generators. All are made by a good brand. People can buy any inverter from that list.  We also thought about those people, who cannot buy good inverters. We have given a buying guide to help those people. The buying guide will help them to buy a good and high-quality inverter for home.

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