Best 5000 Watt Generator Reviews In 2021

Almost everyone knows about generators aka the powerhouse. No matter what the area is, if it is needed to come under electricity flow, a generator can easily perform to the best of its ability. For that reason, inverter generators are quite friendly, efficient and suitable for their performances. One of the entire inverter groups is the 5000-watt inverter, generator model. This one is also well known and demanded under the inverter generator segment.

As generators with different power and wattage perform differently, this 5000 watt also belongs to the necessary segment by born times. It can easily power up almost all types of industrial or higher levelled types of equipment that may hardly get activated through the other low powered ones.

And for a great reason, many of the learners desire to know about models that come under the best 5000-watt inverter generator listing. Our expertise team has made a listing with such items that have been perfectly explained down below. Hope everyone will like the total article and feel it is worthy.

So why 5000 Watt Generator

This is because a 5000-watt inverter generator can easily perform and deliver more power for almost all types of electrical items. Home appliances, light, fan, air conditioner, television, DVD, CD and some other items that are related to home appliances are relatively great and awesome for using.

Beyond all of these small items, the industrial toolkits or under construction materials can make a good and sober running through this inverter generator model. In short, all the electrical items that come with the operating wattage of 5000 watts or below can easily make a good run through this inverter generator. So on the other hand; it can be called a great powerhouse or electrical backup machine.

Now, let’s have a quick explanation about some inverter generator models that comes under this particular segment.

1. Westinghouse WGen5300S Generator

The listing has started with a famous automobile brand. They are greatly known for a very long time for their high quality and performing machinery. This is one of those greatly known generators. The entire details and specifications of this inverter generator divert to the positive and finest working level.

At the very first of appearance, this inverter generator delivers a compact look with rich colour coating. Open area framing design with steel bars contains all the essential items of the inverter all together at a minimum area. As for the external items, a single piece of a 5-20R household receptacle of 120V with a single piece RVTT 30R receptacle and single transferring switch make the inverter generator more suitable and easy to use.

The instrumental cluster at the left side placed area is visible and clear enough that contain all the essential items for safety, operating, running and controlling. Besides the positive performance, advanced VFT data centre holds everyday operating time, situation and records that are perfectly detailed and accurate.

No matter how and what type of the item is, the Westinghouse inverter generator can easily perform all the things on its own with its maximum power and least chance of risks.


Factors  Details
BrandWestinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
VariantsAvailable in a total of 7 different variants where each of them is different in terms of power and wattage
Size dimension  26.97 X 21.65 X 19.69 inches
Total weight  133 pounds
Tank capacity  4.7 gallons
Colour  Combination of blue and black
Engine type  274cc four-stroke engine
Maximum running wattage  5300 watts

Key Features about specification:

This trusted automobile company is serving their high-quality materials for 130 years! Their quality and level of performance can’t be denied

7 different variants let the inverter generator get chosen by different types of users. And these variants get identified through their engine type and performing wattage rate

Very compact sizing in terms of the power

Perfect enough in a weight ratio to carry by a single person through the wheels

Almost 5 gallons of the fuel tank can provide the least performance of a half-day

The standard colour combination makes the inverter generator attractive in looks

A powerful engine of 274cc increase the performing rate of the generator

Running wattage ratio is more than enough to perform with almost all types of electronic items

  • Total 14 hours of running time with the full loaded tank are perfect enough comparing to the other inverter generator models.
  • The company is enough concerned about protection for the customers. That is why they provide all the wiring items perfectly covered in rubbers.
  • Packaging comes with all the essential items such as Oil funnel, tool kit and wheels. It allows the inverter generator for a plug and play system.
  • Functional volt switch selectors make the inverter stable and powerful as they can be converted in both the 120V and 240V powering modes.
  • Portable camper or RV air conditioners can be easily powered up as this inverter generator comes with that facility.
  • Electric starting system provides an effortless operating system of the generator at any place.
  • Front area placed handle with functional rear area wheels deliver the best and finest portability with an easy carrying system.
  • Colour formats are not so much available for a single variant. It can make a little bit of hesitation for some users.

2. DuroMax XP5500EH Generator

On the second of this listing, it is another beautiful unit under a 5000watt inverter generator. There are some obvious reasons and factors that allow this inverter generator to take place at the second of the ranking. A perfect combination of colour, parts and engine performance is surprisingly great and worthy for this generator.

The main thing of this inverter generator that will attract eyesight is the design and construction. It holds a moderate levelled design that looks stunning. And the best part of this inverter generator is, it can easily power up high loaded items with clear electricity flow. Almost all type of high amperage tools that has maximum power wattage of 5000 watts can easily take backup power. Home appliances, industrial areas, construction sites, can be powered up and come under this generator model.

Just like the powerful performing capability, dual receptacles of 120V can easily generate a powerful outage of 240V which means, this powerhouse is suitable to charge up a camper too. And another great feature of this inverter generator is, this inverter generator is very much concerned about the environment.  That is why; it comes with a dual fueling system and low emission ability. It can surely be said that the sizing along with the performing rate undoubtedly makes this inverter generator the best in performance and quality.


Factors  Details
Brand  DuroMax
Size dimension  22 X 25 X22 inches
Total weight  142 pounds
The material used for the main area  High-quality metal
Maximum operating wattage  4500watts
Engine type  224cc 4 stroke engine
Colour  Black, blue and green
Required fuel  Both gasoline and propane
Total fuel tank capacityAlmost 4 gallons  

Key Features about specification:

Duromax is an American Company automobile company that has some great quality material and has very well known for a long time

Perfect and friendly sizing that is applicable for any kind of area

A little bit weighty but suitable enough according to the sizing

High-quality metal for the main areas make the inverter strong and durable in performance

4500watts is quite perfect to run maximum electronic items under 5000 watts segment

Strong engine displacement makes the inverter worthy to use with maximum level of performance

Three different colour formats are standard and rich enough in quality and appearance

Best for the  fuel using ability as it can be operated through both the gasoline and propane fuel

Very good tank capacity compared to the overall generator sizing

  • Surely one of the most powerful inverter generator models in this segment.
  • The dual fueling system of gasoline and propane make the inverter generator worthy and great in performance.
  • The entire inner area is made from copper windings that are best for maximum protection.
  • A powerful 224cc four-stroke engine can generate a maximum power outage of 4500watts which is great and worthy for almost all types of electronic items.
  • Campers and RV’s can be easily operated through this inverter generator for a great long time.
  • The latest MX2 technology makes the inverter generator more powerful in performance as it comes with both the 120V and 240V operating modes.
  • As the inverter generator is loaded with all the essential features and qualities, there is nothing to describe as the negative side.

3. A-iPower SUA5000 Generator

The red colour suits almost all types of things. And whenever the colour is for the inverter generator, this is definitely more impressive to look at with the design. The A-iPower inverter generator holds the nature of beautiful colour format as it comes in red colour for the main part.

As the previous models contain the open frame design, this one also comes with the same. But it has a clearer view and detailing rather than the earlier ones that provide a raw feeling for sure.

Front sided placed instrument cluster looks more beautiful and detailed with all the essential functions that are relatively awesome and gorgeous. The majority of the users concentrate on portability more than performance. And that is why; this inverter generator is perfectly built with a front sided placed handle with functional wheels that let the inverter generator go with an easy carrying system.

As the company is very much concerned and active about their customers, they provide all the essential toolkits in the entire packaging. So this inverter generator on the other hand comes with the plug and play feature. Steel made framing with all the essential parts in packaging divert to the way of best using ability for this inverter generator.


Factors  Details
Brand  A-iPower
Size dimension  24.4 X 19.1 X 21 inches
Total weight  Almost 116 pounds
VariantsAvailable in a total of 4 different variants 2000 watts 4500 watts 5000 watts and 12000 watts
Colour  Combination of red and silver
Engine type223cc,4 stroke engine  
Required fuelCan be used by both gasoline and propane
Total tank capacity4 gallons  

Key Features about specification:

A-iPower is the brand behind this performing machine. They are demanded in the market for their finest quality material and items

Sizing is enough friendly and suitable for using at almost all type of area

Weight comparing to the sizing seems quite good rather than the other ones

A total of 4 different variants are available according to the power wattage and engine capacity of the inverter. And the variants are available according to the sizing and power delivering performance

Colour combinations look beautiful and standard comparing to the other ones

Strong engine with powering let the inverter generator get used for all types of electrical items that come under 5000watts

Double fuel using system of propane and gasoline make the inverter generator suitable and easy to operate

Friendly tank capacity that can ensure a half day long operating ability

  • A powerful inverter generator that can produce 4200 running watts which is perfect enough for the home appliance and industrial toolkits.
  • Enough efficiency in terms of fueling makes the inverter generator worthy to get used and apply for almost 9 hours in 100% tank load and 6 hours for 50% load.
  • A foldable handle with easy moving rear wheels let the inverter generator go for the best portability.
  • Dual element built air filter delivers the maximum protection and let the engine remain stable and active for use.
  • The company provides all the essential parts and items with the inverter generator that requires no extra purchasing issue at all.
  • Visible and functional fuel meters provide accurate fuel measurement that helps to find out the condition in time.
  • Though there are a lot of functions available in this inverter, the parallel powering up system is missing.

4. A-iPower AP5000V Generator

It is another variant from the A-iPower Company. Just like the previous one, this is almost the same in terms of performing ability and quality. Moreover, this inverter generator model is enough demanded and known in the automobile segment.

Entire performance with specs and details are suitable to get known by others. And surprisingly, there are some good qualities and features that provide a positive background. The first thing that comes to mind after watching the inverter generator is, it comes with a solid constructional design. The design by itself let this inverter generator feel great and durable to use.

For the outer area steel beam, this inverter generator looks quite standard in looks plus very much durable in performance. High levelled performing alternator of this inverter makes a smooth run of any kind of home appliance, industrial tools and other required items. Besides them, it can be used and applied for the RV campers which feel outstanding with this inverter generator.

As other inverter generators come with a single-sided instrument cluster, AP5000 provides a dual-sided control panel that make those buttons and control items more visible and standard in looks. So judging the overall performance with quality, this inverter generator contains all those features and qualities that are valued for purchase.


Factors  Details
Manufactured by  A-iPower
Size dimension  24 X 18 X 20 inches
Color  Orange
Total weight  109 pounds
Engine type  208cc, 4 stroke engine
Maximum running wattage  4000 watts
Required fuel type  Gasoline
Total tank capacity  4 gallons

Key features about specification:

A-iPower is a great brand and leading in the automobile generator segment for a long time. They are very much trusted for their high-quality material with performance

The sizing dimension is quite suitable according to the engine performance and quality

The orange colour for this inverter generator makes it unique and different from the others

The weight is quite good and simple of this generator. It helps to make the generator more portable and easy to use

Perfect engine capacity with maximum torque and speed that let the generator get used for different purposes and area

As a 5000-watt inverter generator, 4000 watts of the maximum output producing rate is perfect enough and helps to get run the majority of the inverter generators

Gasoline makes this inverter generator suitable to use in every area as it can get easily at any place

4 gallons of the capacity of the tank is friendly enough to the user

  • Powerful steel made outer area construction make this inverter easy and suitable for every area to use.
  • One of the best inverter generators with great fuel efficiency. As 50% of the fuel level can deliver almost 12 hours of running time, the full tank of this inverter generator can easily run for almost a day.
  • Single cylinder air-cooled engine never let the engine go for a higher temperature even if it gets used for a long time.
  • Minimum of 58 decibels to maximum 68 decibels operating sound make this inverter generator worthy to every area with this friendly feature.
  • The front area placed handle with functional double wheel let this inverter generator go for a smooth and best portability.
  • The latest modelled generators come with a push or automatic electric starting system. But this inverter generator has a manual starting system that may not make this suitable and easy to perform.

5. Briggs and Stratton 5000 Watt Generator

At the last of this listing, it’s a beautiful looking inverter generator that contains some outstanding quality along with design. For some authentic machine lovers, this inverter generator can be the suitable one from its colour format. Briggs and Stratton have applied the open frame construction as the main one from its outer part area.

This framing makes a shield for this inverter from the outer area that let the machinery items remain safe against any kind of falling or impact. Starting from the packaging, it comes in a beautiful looking package with plastic cords and straps in it for better protection. Inside of the packaging, the inverter by itself looks completely built up into the plug and play mode.

The entire surrounded area holds the engine from the middle side that performs all the works. As the other modelled inverter generators contain separate features with handling modes, this one comes with a very simple but easy operating ability. For that reason, this inverter generator becomes very easier and simple rather than the other ones to use.

Above all, the most important thing that is needed from an inverter generator is performance. And fortunately, this inverter generator model comes with the most powerful engine capacity in this segment. Any kind of RV camper, constructional area or toolkits can easily get run and operate through this inverter generator. Any kind of 120V outlet comes with the suitability to get connected through this machine for sure.


BrandBriggs and Stratton  
Size dimension28.4 X 27.2 X 28 inches  
Total weight187 pounds  
ColourCombination of silver and black  
Engine type389cc, 4 stroke engine  
Total tank capacity7.5 gallons  

Key Features about specification:

Briggs and Stratton is a brand that produces some high-quality products and items. And they are known for a very long time.

A perfect and accurate size dimension that let this inverter generator get used at every area or place

The weight ratio is quite suitable according to the sizing

Very beautiful and standard colour format of silver and black that provide a realistic vibe of this inverter

One of the most powerful inverter generators in terms of engine power. And this great engine power produce a good performance ratio as well

Tank capacity is comparatively larger than the other ones. For that reason, the fully loaded tank can easily perform for a long time

  • Best inverter unit for higher construction projects and any kind of recreational activity.
  • The operating system is very easy and simple that provides an all area using ability for this inverter.
  • Powerful engine producing wattage of 5000 watts is significantly awesome and make this inverter generator suitable with any typed home appliance, constructional items or RV’s
  • 50% loaded tank can run for almost half of a day. It means this inverter generator is best for fuel-efficiency.
  • Functional and latest OHV technology makes this inverter generator durable and delivers a long term using ability.
  • Even though the inverter comes with functional wheels, but it can’t be moved easily as there is no collapsible or simple handling system.
5000 Watt Generator

Factors that can be followed as buying guide:

Buying guides may not reflect suitable and worthy for some users, but beginner ones can find out their best and perfect unit to use. The buying guide actually helps to find out the required thing with the best quality of a product. Almost all kinds of items come with valid buying guides. So do the inverter generator. Here are few legal steps that can be considered and followed under buying guide.

Engine capacity: Most important thing for a 5000-watt inverter generator is the quality and performance of the engine. 5000watt means to the moderate area using ability with the performance rate of the engine. And from this segment, 4000 watts can be the lowest requirement for performance. Therefore, check out the power rate with the highest engine performing ability.

Fuel efficiency: Not only the engine capacity can hit a successful run. Low fuel consuming ability is still a dream for some inverter users. As they believe in savings, a low fuel rate can complete their desire along with a better engine performance rate. Besides, the lower rate of fuel let the inverter generator run for a long time rather than the other ones. It helps to make a lot of savings and let sensitive buyers go for the inverter. This one can be another great reason to follow for buying.

User-friendly weight: Nobody usually goes for an inverter generator by judging the weight. It is because inverter generators have the common nature of being weighty. It is for the engine and other kinds of stuff. But a simple fact is, lower weight can deliver better movement and make the inverter easy to use. So if an exclusive and strongly valid buying guide is the requirement, a lower weight level can surely be the great choice under the requirement.

Visible and perfect instrument cluster: Inverter generators don’t come in the piece of cake mode at all. There are some needed functions and buttons for an inverter. That is why; perfectly visible and detailed instrument cluster is a great choice.

Some inverter generators come with an instrument cluster that may not have the proper visibility and engraved name tags. Beginner levelled users will face difficulty to use those types of inverter generators. It is because of their lower explaining ability. In that case, the instrument cluster with proper and best visibility is the best choice.

Enough tank capacity: 5000watt inverter generator will necessarily need a little bit more fuel to run rather than the other models. But it is not an obvious requirement by some users for sure. In reality, an inverter generator with a 5000-watt engine capacity can consume a lot of fuel. Honestly, nobody will like to go for a frequent fueling issue at all. For that matter, an inverter generator with moderate tank capacity can surely be a good choice. It delivers a worry-free using ability for a long time.

Easy portability: These inverter generator models hold an essential and common nature. That is known as portability. It mainly works against the difficulty of carrying or moving and let the inverter generator move easily with lower effort. And for the best portability, a collapsible handle with easy-spinning wheels make the inverter generator suitable and comfortable to move that make the inverter generator model worthy to chose.

What will a 5000 watt generator run

A 5000-watt generator can easily operate any kind of tools and items that come under a 5000watt rating. For example, any kind of home appliances such as light, fan, DVD, TV, Hairdryer, heater or other stuff with maximum 5000-watt rating is suitable to go with this inverter generator.

In fact, any kind of mechanical item that has the maximum running wattage of 5000watt is suitable and worthy to go with this inverter generator.

Are 5000 watts enough to power a house

Yes, it can if the house is fixed into the maximum capacity of 5000 watts. Usually, there are some inverter generator models available that is greatly known for powering up the entire house. If all the items and tools of the house contain medium levelled power output,

the 5000-watt inverter generator can easily power up without providing any kind of overloading issue at all. Besides a house, the RV’s and campers also can be power up through the 5000-watt inverter generator if the electricity flow is stable.

How many watts of generator do you need to run an average house

It actually depends on the house along with all the items. If a house comes with the essential items only, it will require a total of 3500-4000 watts maximum to run through a 5000-watt inverter generator. But whenever the items get maximized with power, it can take to 5000 to 6500 or 7000 watts with all the items.

So the wattage rate of more than 5000 may not come under a continuously operating system, whereas the maximum of 5000 watts easily let an average house run smoothly.

Final words

Lastly, the entire topic about the best 5000-watt generator has come to an end. It has shown a total of 5 different models under the 5000-watt segment that is recommended by some automobile experts. Each of them is compact, worthy to use and better in performance. Whenever there is a necessity for standard-sized machines to operate and use, any of these generator models can be chosen.

Camping in backward areas, operating the campers or RV’s or any kind of constructional areas, all of them can be perfectly backed up through any unit of this inverter. Hopefully, this article will provide a complete idea about these generator models. If you also feel a necessity of a generator, just go for any unit among them and let it done the work by itself.

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