Best 4000 Watt Inverter Generator Reviews In 2021

Science is delivering a great contribution for mankind for a very long time. An inverter generator is one of those blessings from science that can’t be denied. As inverter generators are the alternative way of generating electricity, they have a great demand among all the types of areas that come under electricity connectivity. Though they can make a handsome expense, still they’re quite demanded for having some obvious reasons.

Among all the models and segments under the inverter generator, a 4000-watt generator is a common model that plays the role of a moderate levelled generator. To make a clear description, this article will briefly discuss about best 4000-watt inverter generator and some of the models. Make sure to don’t miss any of these descriptions as all these products are top graded and high performing.

Quick introduction of Inverter Generator

It is not obvious that everyone will know about the generator. So basically, an inverter generator is a typical type of generator with more good performing ability in a smaller size. As generators have a common nature of creating emissions and making sounds, inverter ones produce very low operating sound along with low emission.

The main operating system of the inverter generator is, it pushes the engine upward and backwards in terms of the necessity of the electric flow. Where other types of generators get to run for the whole time, inverter ones are used to providing the required and accurate flow at the current time. So it is surely best for the fuel efficiency and enough environment friendly.

So here are 5 of the great quality models given down. Each of them has been described with all of their specification and information.

1. Champion Power Equipment 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

The top place of this listing is held by a greatly known company and their inverter generator. This is a 4000-watt inverter generator from Champion Company and it is loaded with all the best quality material and performance.

For the very first time of observation, it delivers a standard look with design. The inverter is the title for this generator that surely makes it small in size. And the small sizing ability make this generator best for its portability and easy to carry. Just like the sizing, the weight is quite low compared to the other models. It lets the inverter generator go through the simple carrying ability. All these things mean that the inverter generator is quite perfect from the external area.

No coming to the performing ability, it has a wattage capacity of 4000 watts. Quite suitable from power ratio compared to the sizing. Digital hybrid design with the accurate performing output delivers a standard and easy flowing ability of this inverter. The front sided instrument cluster is very beautifully designed with all the essential and needed items. Functional keys with the switches are good in quality and let the performance get done easily.

Whenever the performance is not compromised, the quality and easy using ability are also not ignored for sure. For that reason, the company provides all the essential items that are required for operating. This efficient step has taken thinking about the customers. Battery charging cables, LPG hose regulator and two-headed USB port are some of the essential items that get provided with this inverter generator.

And the best thing about this inverter generator is, it can easily power up an entire RV air conditioner! That’s simply great for a small-sized inverter generator to perform at this level. And it’s not over yet, with all these finest quality and levelled functions and features, this inverter generator also comes with a 3 years warranty that can be issued against any problematic terms of this inverter generator. It can probably say that Champion Inverter Generator can certainly be your best friend.


Factors  Details
Brand  Champion Power Equipment
Size dimension  20.5 X 18.3 X 18.9 inches
VariantsA total of 5 different variants are available. Each of them is unique in terms of starting the process or the wattage level
Total weight  37.50kg
Colors  Combination of yellow and black
Engine Capacity  224cc
Maximum tank capacity  35 litres
Required fuel  LPG and Gasoline
Running watt  3500 watts
Company policy  3 years warranty

Key features about specification

Champion Power Equipment is a greatly known company for decades for their high-quality material and best performing ability

Very convenient and friendly in sizing that let the generator at any place or area

A moderate level of weighting deliver an easy carrying and moving ability of the inverter and make it more portable

Standard and rich colour format with the combination that increases the design and looks of the generator

A powerful engine that makes the inverter more suitable and worthy in performance

Don’t require any frequent fueling as the tank capacity is quite great and suitable for long time usage

The dual fueling ability of this inverter generator makes it easier to use by both the LPG and gasoline. It on the other hand can be called very fuel friendly

Perfect levelled and a quite powerful running wattage that can ensure the stable electricity flow

The company provides 3 years of warranty with the product. So no issue to face during the purchasing period

  • A great and budget-friendly inverter generator with all the essential features and items.
  • The latest digital hybrid design makes the inverter generator 20% lighter in weight and 50% quiet in operating sound than other inverter models.
  • Easy operating ability through gasoline and LPG make the inverter friendly enough for all types of places and areas.
  • The very low operating sound of 34 decibels makes the generator best for camping, picnic or use for any household area. Because everyone likes to have a low sound.
  • The parallel connecting ability increase the power and performance of the inverter as it let the stock one connect with another model for maximizing the power.
  • Can run for almost 15 hours with a full tank of fuel that is huge and make it the best model under fuel efficiency.
  • Due to having all the essential and friendly features, this inverter generator model comes with no bad features and quality.

2. WEN GN400i 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

Say hello to a different looking inverter generator. And it belongs to the famous and greatly known brand named WEN. Most of the technicians have a good review and feedback about their products. This one is also from the same background.

Whenever talking about this inverter generator, the first thing that will come to mind is the design and structure of this model. It comes in a unique design and construction that hardly get seen in other models. As the other modelled inverters contain all the essential parts and materials inside of the structure, it comes with visible construction and design. For that reason, this one is known as the open frame generator.

Even with this design, this inverter generator looks outstanding and gorgeous that also makes it different from others. It can produce clean electricity and current flow that helps to operate a different types of gadgets and electronic devices. Household, tenting, industrial or other types of areas that have smaller sized or capacitive electronic items can easily get run through this inverter generator model.

Instrument clusters placed at the perfect area hold all the essential and needed items that make the generator easy to use by all aged users. Above all, the portable and friendly design makes no compromise in choosing and using the generator at all. To have a stable electricity flow for all the moderate levelled devices, this inverter generator can be the best choice.


Factors  Details
Brand  WEN
VariantsA total of 4 different variants are available. 3800 watts 4000 watts 6250 watts and 8750 watts
Colour  Combination of black and orange
Engine type  212cc four-stroke engine
Size dimension  19.8  X 13.8  X 18.9 inches
Total weight  Almost 30Kg
Fuel tank capacity  1.85 gallons
Maximum operating wattage  3500 watts

Key Features about specification

WEN has been expressed earlier as one of the successful company

Four different variants come with different power capacities that hardly get seen in others

Very rich and standard colour format the increase the looks

A powerful four-stroke engine suits the entire construction and provides a great performance

Enough friendly in sizing and enable the portability

Just like the sizing, the weight is also perfect enough and deliver an easy carrying ability

A large fuel tank amount that can easily cover up almost a day

Perfect power output ratio that is strong and enough efficient

  • The unique open frame design makes the inverter unique and attractive in looks than the others.
  • A perfectly detailed control panel with all the essential functions make the performing ability easy and friendly rather than other ones.
  • Half loaded tank can easily get used and run for almost 7 hours continuously which means it is great for fuel-efficiency.
  • Clean and sober levelled power delivery for all the sensitive devices like mobile, laptop, tablet, computer etc.
  • The company provides two pieces of 120V NEMA Receptacles and two pieces of 5watt USB port that delivers an easy and friendly connection of the generator.
  • Efficient parallel connecting ability let the generator maximize power and performance with the same model connectivity system. The entire inverter generator gets used as the bigger powerhouse.
  • The Eco mode feature of this generator helps to save fuel and let the machine spend accurate fuel during the time.
  • Although the open frame design looks unique, it comes with a good risk of having internal damages.

3. Westinghouse iGen4500 Inverter Generator

More than an inverter, similar to the bigger sized generator. This inverter generator plays a good performance with the finest quality material. It’s a great powerhouse for the electricity flow with is a functional but great design.

Though the sizing is a little bit bigger than the other ones, it has easy moving wheel systems that make the generator enough portable and worthy to move. As there are a lot of home-related items as well as industrial ones, all of them can be run very easily with the best stability through this generator.

While talking about the structure, the square-shaped design is finely decorated with all the functional gestures and buttons. Each of them gets used for different purposes. And the inner area telescopic handle le the inverter generator moves and transform very easily.  The 120V 5-20R duplex household outlet with RV ready TR-30R outlet and two USB outlets make delivers the perfect electricity flow that hardly gets seen in the others.

If there is an occasion or party at the farmhouse but the electricity flow is not stable all the time, don’t need to be panicked. The iGen4500 model can easily fulfil the demand and make the parties or areas worthy to enjoy. And the entire credit goes to the quality and performance of this inverter generator for sure.


Factors  Details
BrandWestinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
Size dimension  24.5 X 17.5 X 20 inches
Total weight  93 pounds
Colour  Combination of blue and black
Required running voltage  120 volts
Maximum wattage  4500watts
Total tank capacity3.4 gallons  

Key Features about specification

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment is a brand that is known for its high performing machines and finest quality

Sizing is quite suitable for use in any kind of area

A little bit heavy for the sizing but enough easy to carry

A very beautiful and standard colour format that provides a good look

120volt rate is available everywhere. So this inverter generator is suitable to use by every electronic circuit

Good wattage level comparing the size that provides the stable electric flow

A bigger sized tank helps to contain more fuel which increases the performing time

  • 3700 watts of operating power make the generator quite great and friendly in performance.
  • Three different starting processes of the electric system, remote control starting and recoil starting make the inverter more advanced and latest rather than any other inverter.
  • Advanced LED meter design with rotating display system seems standard and unique and shows all the essential factors such as voltage output, lifetime using hours, remained fuel etc.
  • An outstanding operating level of 18hours is simply great! Very few other inverter models can deliver this level of performance.
  • The economy model of the inverter helps to make it more efficient in terms of fueling and helps to save the finest fuel rate at a time.
  • 52 decibels of operating sound is extremely low rather than the other ones even with this size. That’s probably great.
  • Sizing can be an issue as this inverter generator is a little bit bigger compared to the other ones.

4. Pulsar G450RN Inverter Generator

Another great and efficient inverter generator under the 4000Watt segment. It is a great looking inverter generator with high performing ability and features. Starting from the design to the performance, not a single factor of this inverter generator can be denied at all.

Starting with the design that is quite friendly and versatile, the rectangular shaping of this inverter generator looks very beautiful and friendly too. Besides the design, the inner area collapsible handlebar makes the inverter generator very easy and perfect to carry. Camping, picnic or any kind of occasion can be easily get performed and completed with this G450RN model from Pulsar.

On the other hand, this inverter generator can surely perform the best in class as it comes with a long time performing ability. Wheels are also a great performer just like the handle. They help the inverter generator to go through an easy and stable way that increases portability. High performing adapter that comes with the generator helps the inverter to provide the cleanest and finest output with its maximum performing level. Any kind of construction work, tailgating or camping get performed most easily if the G450RN is with you.


Factors  Details
Manufactured by  Pulsar Products
Total weight  108 Pounds
Colour  Grey
Size dimension  27.1 X 21 X 23.5 inches
Total tank capacity  3.2 gallons
Maximum running wattage  3700 watts
Operating systemRemote system startup and running

Key Features about specification

Pulsar products are the brand and manufacturer of this great quality inverter. And they have a good demand for their high-quality products

Weight is quite good and reflects a good portability

Rich and standard colour format that delivers a great look with design

Friendly sizing of this inverter generator delivers the great portability

Tank capacity is quite good and enough for a long time usage

Powerful output delivery helps to deliver the stable electricity flow and suits with all types of devices

Advanced but very friendly type of starting the process that makes the inverter generator suitable and easy to use

  • Functional and advanced quick inverter technology provides a very low operating sound of 63 decibels that make the inverter suitable for every place.
  • The electric push-starting system allows the inverter generator to control even from 10 feet of distance.
  • Adjustable and collapsible handling makes the inverter more portable and great in performance.
  • More than a half-day operating ability of almost 15 hours with half gallon tank fuel loaded. That means the inverter generator is great for fuel-efficiency.
  • Applicable to get used for almost all types of area, a device of power backup purposes.
  • The company provides all the essential tools and items with this inverter generator that makes it worthy to use.
  • Advanced parallel connecting ability is missing in this inverter generator. It may require by some users for powerful operating times.

5. BILT HARD Inverter Generator

And lastly of this topic, this is a beautiful looking inverter generator from the Bilt Hard brand. And this generator is filled up with all the great and essential quality features that are may available in others, but not like this one. Among some of the great models with quality, this one is the other one.

There is some great reason to let this model remain in this listing. First of all, it is loaded with all the essential features that are necessary for a friendly inverter. Compact sizing with great colour format makes the inverter easy and suitable for all area usage. In terms of design, the BILT HARD generator by itself seems enough portable and convenient that get no seen commonly to other inverter models.

Stunning design with upper area fueling up system with handlebar makes the generator great to carry and easy to move. 120v outlet of 20Amo with 12V 8A DC output and DC Cigar Light of 12V is all those things that come with this inverter generator. All these entire things make this inverter generator the best and easy to use.

And the best thing that can’t be denied of this inverter generator is, it can deliver all the positive and efficient features. No matter what the requirement is if it is needed for camping or household activity or else any tailgating requirement, the Bilt Hard inverter generator can perform all of them.


Factors  Details
Colour  Blue
VariantAvailable in a total of two different variant 2000watt and 4000watt
Engine type  212cc, 4 stroke engine
Maximum running wattage  3400watts
Tank  capacity  2.2gallons
Required fuel  Gasoline

Key Features about specification

BILT HARD is the successful brand behind this high quality and great performing inverter generator

The bright and standard blue colour format makes the  inverter generator attractive and gorgeous

Both the low and higher wattage of the inverter seems suitable according to the required area

The powerful engine is quite good and sufficient to perform as the emergency powerhouse

A great electricity-producing level that easily activates all the moderate levelled gadgets

A half-day operating process can be done very easily with this bigger sized tank

Gasoline is easy to get and affordable in price that can be found anywhere

  • The latest inverter technology of this generator helps to deliver clean and stable electricity that ensure the durability and quality of the inverter.
  • Extremely low operating sound of 68 decibels allows the inverter generator to use in any kind of area.
  • The output voltage of 120V let the inverter generator go for a clean and exact the same type of electricity flow that gets found in household materials.
  • Full tank loaded inverter can perform for 14 hours of running time that is huge and worthy for everyday usage.
  • The company declares that that inverter generator can provide 25% of fuel efficiency that is simply the best one in performance.
  • Functional cold starting technology allows the inverter generator to go for any kind of area with the simple start-up process.
  • An adjustable handle with dual functional wheels let the inverter generator go for easy movement with comfortable adjustment.
  • The fuel shutoff system let the inverter save more fuel and allow for the least fuel amount in the carburettor area to use.
  • No bad parts or factors to describe this inverter generator as it comes with all the essential features and quality.
Ryobi Generator

Terms that can be followed and applied as buying guide

No matter how efficient or great an inverter generator model is, there are definitely some needed issues from a particular item that make them worthy to purchase or use. Experts named them as the buying guide. And these buying guides are surely the helpful ones that allow a beginner to go for the best item. In that case, these inverter generators also come with some legit factors that have to follow and maintain for having the best item.

Powerful engine displacement: The very first thing required from an inverter generator is, the power and performance of the engine. It can be called the essential factor to follow under buying guide. On behalf of a satisfied user, if a 4000-watt inverter generator can provide the clean and sober electricity flow for essential home appliances that one can be chosen for sure.

Friendly portability: Not all users have the intention to use these inverter generators for a single purpose. A lot of users can be found that divert the inverter generator to go for any kind of area. They may push the inverter for their home appliance, sometimes for industrial purposes, or camping.

But behind all these issues to perform, the portability and easy using ability matters a lot. If the inverter generator can’t be carried or moved from one place to another within a little bit of effort, some users may not desire to go for it. No matter what the weight is, a portable handle with functional wheels can make the inverter worthy to purchase.

Fuel efficiency: What’s the benefit of having a strong generator with higher fuel expense for use? The answer is clear. It’ll surely not seem suitable enough to use. Users before every purchase desire to have a good quality product with the least amount of maintenance or operating system. For that reason, a manual book with a generator can be the finest thing to observe. It can clearly describe the exact and required fueling rate for the inverter generator.

Area friendly operating sound: Generators make noise. It’s a common factor about them. But the inverter ones can perform with a lower operating noise rather than the typical ones. It allows them to get used to all types of areas. Above all, the lower noise remains so friendly and suitable for every place either it is the house area or some commercial places. This can be a great issue to observe under the buying guide to have the preferred inverter generator unit.

Good running time: Nobody will love to have an inverter generator that can’t perform for a long time. As a result, they don’t usually get chosen by some sensitive users. If the running time is very low, it can’t make a good performance for some major electricity required areas. As a result, the inverter generators can’t make a great deal among the users. Therefore, inverter generators with good operating times can be the best choice to purchase.

Additional items: Some innovative users desire to have a generator with some additional factors. Some are loaded with friendly and functional features such as the auto-shutdown mode or economy mode. All these are very efficient and also fuel-saving items.

Whenever these items are available in a single inverter generator model, it reveals the best performance and quality on its own. And users also can fulfil their demands in addition to these features. Though these additional features are not enough necessary to observe, they are quite good to consider under buying guide.

What can a 4000-watt inverter generator run

A 4000-watt inverter can simply run all kinds of primary levelled equipment. Home appliances, outing area items and any kind of moderate industrial toolkits can easily get run through this inverter generator. Different types of lights, fans, pumps, refrigerators, microwaves, drilling machines, television, DVDs are some common types of things under this operation.

Will a 4000-watt generator run a camper

Camper or RV conditioners come with the maximum power-producing ability of 2000-4000watts. In that case, the 4000watt inverter generator is the perfect one to run the camper. But unfortunately, some typically typed campers can’t be run through this inverter generator for their AC electricity unit capacitive system.

Can an inverter generator run a refrigerator

Yes, it can. Because of this, an inverter generator converts the DC power of the battery into 120-volt AC household power. And this power ratio is perfect enough for almost all types of home appliances. Thus the refrigerator can also have a good running ability.

Final words

The best 4000-watt inverter generator with some of the models has been perfectly explained above. With the allover experiment, these inverter generators can be called the best one in performance, quality and feature. As an inverter generator, all the essential and required areas can be easily served with clean electricity through all these models.

As inverter generators can fulfil the demand of bigger sized generators, they are extremely preferable to some authentic electricity needed ones. Travelling, camping, parties, events can be get performed at any kind of area if any of these inverter models are easy to get. More or less, they have a great demand in almost every area.

Because of that, nobody will love to ruin their party times or any great even periods for their electricity shortage. More or less, everyone feels the necessity of having a single inverter generator model.

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